Why a Fashion Blog?

So the truth is I love fashion but I'm vertically challenged. Short is the operative work here, petite if you are kind. Being vertically challenged with curves I've found it hard to pull off looking like Heidi Klum who basically looks good in a brown paper bag. So you are probably asking what do I know about about fashion. It's what I notice in the movies and in the real screen of life. You maybe figuring out the plot I'm looking at the clothes.

I have actually decided on what television shows to watch based on how well-dressed the main characters are. I love Ghost Whisper, not only because its interesting but because I love the clothes that Jennifer Love Hewitt wears on it. I am not so crazy about the clothes that Patricia Arquette wears on Medium. I love clothes but a clothes horse I am not. I love Vogue Magazine, and Glamour especially the Dos and Don'ts. One of my favorite shows is What Not To Wear. Yes I could watch a marathon of those episodes featuring Stacy London and Clinton Kelly tearing through closets and trashing those out-dated clothes from the sixties, then transforming those of little style into fashion divas.

So what is Styling in Delco all about? We are going to feature styling tips from office wear to biker chic from experts in Delco boutiques. From acessories to Wedding Gowns we will let you know what's in and where to go for the look in Delco. We are on the lookout for local designers with their take on what is in and out. What's the latest trends for back to school, we will let you know here. Ask questions will find the experts with answers to your fashion dilemma.