Part 2 of the "Gathering Place"....

here is what is beside the fireplace in our "Gathering Place"---- just like in my store, it is all about "layering and textures"; from fashion to jewels to home decor!

See ya soon.....
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Welcome to our home....

I get asked all the time by customers:  "Does your home look like your store?"  I guess you could say it I thought throughout the year, I will give you a tour of our main home.  (We also have a beautiful lake home, and will give you a tour of that also throughout the year.)  Let's start with the most used room in our home----what I like to call our "Gathering Place".

This is the fireplace.....and to me the fireplace mantel is one of the most difficult places to design around, except during Christmas!  For me, it is all about the details....

Next time I will show what is on each side of the fireplace.....and will slowly work my way around the room. 

See ya next time....

Time to set out the "fillers".....

I have always been known for my "presentation"....rather that be in the store or my design line.  So, as we prepare the store for the spring, I just wanted to show you a few peeks into our displays.  I am so proud of my staff on how they have been "listening" to my style and learning and watching! 

We are still working on getting all the new products out, but we are almost there.  Now, it is time to go back through and start putting in what I call the "pretty fillers"....or "staging".  In both fashion and home decor, it is my job to give my customers "inspiration" on how not only an "outfit" can look together...but, also how to display my products in their own home.  This is why for the past 18 years we always hear:

"I need my Yaya fix!"
from home decor and gifts to....

fashion & jewels

Our outside "graphics" were added to the windows today!!!! 

and we are loving our new counter area!  (still waiting on the arrival of several architectural pieces from France...which are now on their way to store)  Then, after all those have been put in place...I will bring in the electrician to do some beautiful lighting....and get rid of those yucky florescent lights in the back of the store!

See ya soon!!!

Should I keep it????

that old lampshade, I am turning into a beautiful & romantic wind chime?

They will be available for sale in the store soon!  LOVE it!!!! (I wonder if I should just keep it and hang it over my work table in the studio? Hummmmm......

Question: What do I do with this holiday weight?

I thought about making a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight – but really…would I? Is weight a matter of something to be “lost” or something to simply deal with once and for all? It seems that losing something implies you will find it again. I am deciding to deal with the weight thing – whatever medical, psychological, caloric, emotional thing it is…it will be dealt with once and for all!

But how to start?

I assume I should start by making myself feel better. Ever notice when you feel like you look OK, you seem to be more motivated? Looking your best at whatever weight will do more for your psyche than any diet I have ever tried. A visit to Goodwill for some new items to add to your wardrobe can do wonders without breaking the budget.

Step 1: make sure we feel like we look our best…every single day!

This means employing a few “hide weight” tricks. Here are the tips I plan on living by:

PATTERN - When you are trying to disguise a little extra weight, pattern can help you or really hurt you. Pay attention to where pattern and detail lies on your outfit. For example, if you don’t want people to notice your midsection and hips, then don’t put any detail (pattern, belts, color contrast) in that section.

However, some pattern can act as camouflage. For example, an all over pattern on a wrap dress. This option is a very slimming and is forgiving of bumps and bulges. If the pattern thing seems too complicated, and if you are worried about making a mistake – for the time being, skip it and go with outfits that are monochromatic.

COLOR - I would be lying if I said monochromatic (all black) wasn’t a good option…especially since I live in this community, and see so many of you out and about – you’d bust me (since I wear all black a lot - it is a problem, and it another New Year's Resolution). In our quest to keep attention away from trouble areas, lets strategically wear pops of color; for example a colorful scarf or a bright red shoe. This will bring the attention to your face, or bring it down to your feet. That tactic is one of my favorites, as long as you don’t notice lumps and bumps in the middle, I am OK with face and foot attention!

STYLE - When we put on a few pounds, we seem to hibernate and pull out the muumuu from the back of our closets. This is a mistake. It is important when you’ve added a few lbs that you wear the right style for your shape; things that fit as opposed to oversized and baggy (non structured) pieces. Concentrate on defining your waist, be sure the cut of clothing you wear is flattering to your shape rather than hiding it. Choose clothing that creates an hourglass silhouette…rather than a bowling ball silhouette.

FABRIC - When you feel a little thick in the middle, be conscious about what kinds of fabrics you wear. Avoid overly heavy fabrics, and likewise, avoid very thin fabrics. Heavy fabrics (like tweed) can add extra weight to your look. Thin fabrics have a tendency to cling…in all the wrong places. Thin fabrics are OK, if you are using them as first layer pieces…but definitely not as the statement to your outfit.

Remember – extra fabric will translate (visually) to more weight. It seems to me, this is the opposite of what our goal is (to look thinner!).

The simple fact is looking your best lies in your attitude and the presence you have in your clothing. Embracing WHO you are under the jackets and jeans will make those jackets and jeans look amazing on you…the you today, and the you of tomorrow!

...and when you become the 'you of tomorrow', go through your closet and donate all of the clothing you don't need to Goodwill!

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Getting there....

LOTS, and I mean LOTS of beautiful new treasures at the Yaya!!!

from home jewels....

and the new ceiling is in...and the counter area is coming right along.  Now I call in the "electrician" to put in some of my new lighting!!!

What has my altered bottles have to do with lamp shades???

Use your imagination that this: (hand distressed vintage lamp shade)

will soon look like one of my vintage bottle chimes (that I created and sold in the mid 80's):

We will have several of these for sale in the store, come back to see the final transformation!

Gypsy Market....

We will be returning this spring to the "Gypsy Market" here in Houston!  A great market for our side of town with LOTS of beautiful treasures from some inspiring vendors....

So mark your calendars for April 26th & April 27th, where Yaya Chique will be bringing all their pretties to you ladies in the Cypress area!

It's Rodeo time in Houston!!!!

All you ladies that I style every year for the largest rodeo in the world....Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo...NOW is the time to get everything ready for all those wonderful nights at the rodeo.  I have been carrying not only Old Gringo boots but the "vintage" style of boot from Corral Boots!  

For those of you who love the more "Stevie Nicks" style.....

Then of course, there is the "Bayou Romance" style....

 and what is the rodeo without the "Rock 'n Roll" style!!!

Come on by the store and see ALL the great choices we have for rodeo this year!!!!

Finally getting some where!

We have almost all of the new products on the floor and you are now welcome to come on in and see all the "new treasures"!  There is still some "visual decorating" I need to finish up...but, it is lookin' good!  Some come on by during our regular hours (Tuesday thru Saturday from 10:00am till 6:00pm) and feast your eyes on all the new beauties!  With more on its way!!!!

And these are the images I bought for my printer to put in the tops of our windows!!!  Can't wait to see them inserted....

And we have started working on the "canvas awning" over the check out counter"!!! 

 And of course we have these beautiful pieces coming for some "plantation" ambiance.....

Wait until you see the new ceiling tiles!!!!  Those will start being put in next weekend while the store is closed and then we will put in some new lighting after that!!!  The ambiance will feel like you have just stepped onto the plantations along the bayous of Louisiana (only in Texas)!