Time to set out the "fillers".....

I have always been known for my "presentation"....rather that be in the store or my design line.  So, as we prepare the store for the spring, I just wanted to show you a few peeks into our displays.  I am so proud of my staff on how they have been "listening" to my style and learning and watching! 

We are still working on getting all the new products out, but we are almost there.  Now, it is time to go back through and start putting in what I call the "pretty fillers"....or "staging".  In both fashion and home decor, it is my job to give my customers "inspiration" on how not only an "outfit" can look together...but, also how to display my products in their own home.  This is why for the past 18 years we always hear:

"I need my Yaya fix!"
from home decor and gifts to....

fashion & jewels

Our outside "graphics" were added to the windows today!!!! 

and we are loving our new counter area!  (still waiting on the arrival of several architectural pieces from France...which are now on their way to store)  Then, after all those have been put in place...I will bring in the electrician to do some beautiful lighting....and get rid of those yucky florescent lights in the back of the store!

See ya soon!!!