Countdown to Bathing Suits.

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Sunday is the first day of May. We are now counting down to days on the beach. Memorial day is just around the corner. Sounds good but it also means the dreaded bathing suit season.
So here are some tips from Macy's on finding the right suit for you. Macy's also has personal shoppers you can call to help you find the right suit for your  figure.
For all you who want to get in shape, each day during the month of May, I plan to feature a body shaping tip and food tip to help reduce calories, lose weight and build muscles. So stay tuned. It's countdown to swimsuit day.
Every body is different. Figure out your best asset and your most flawed and pick out a suit that flatters you.
Just because Susie can wear a belted swimsuit and look great doesn't necessarily mean you can.
We are all built differently. Variety is what make the world such a joy to be a part of.
Look for under-wires in a bathing suit top to minimize the girls and maximize your options.  Choose a biking with a bra size or a band below the bust.   A square neckline tankini or one piece suit keeps the cleavage manageable.
Minimize your middle. One piece swimsuits  with control fabric or high waist retro cut bikinis (think Marilyn Monroe) are the ideal     belly blasters. Ruching smooths any sign of a paunch.
Hide your hips and rear with a swimsuit with a skirt. You can also find style and comfort in swim dresses. They flatter the area of your figure you want to conceal in a flirty way.
A halter with ruffles or shirring is good for padding the girls. To up the wow-factor try a padded balconette bra top with molded cups for extra lift.
Say goodbye to a short torso. One-shoulder tankinis create the illusion of a longer upper body. Try deep V-neck cuts or bikinis with low-rise bottoms that dare to bare.
Fit a Long Torso with suits that have adjustable straps or side ties . It will give you a customized fit. Tiered ruffles and graphic prints visually add va-va-voom curves.
Follow these tips and you'll stop dreading swimsuit days and begin looking forward to lounging by the pool or on the beach.
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Hats off or on to the new princess!

Without a doubt the Royal Wedding was beautiful. Prince William and Catherine  Elizabeth Middleton are a gorgeous couple. She looked so elegant in her gown by Sarah Burton reminding me of another princess from the Philly area, Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monaco.

A beautiful day for the England and a much needed fairy tale moment for the world.
You have to love all the hats...will hats become fashionable now? We will have to wait and see.The hats were amazing every shape, size and color. Some a bit over the top but hey it was a day to celebrate!

One thing for sure just as so many copied Princess Diana many will copy the lovely  Duchess of Cambridge  with her beautiful long layered tresses and her graceful classic style. Best wishes to the bride and groom. Thanks so much for letting us all share in this joyous occasion. The world needs more uplifting moments steeped in tradition and splendor.

Hot items for Spring!

Fashionistas,  it's that  time of the year to shed the winter clothes, clean out your closet and  look through your spring clothes from last year and add in some new trends to update your look.   
Here are some ideas to rev up that wardrobe and keep you styling.

Jumpsuits and rompers are back. One piece looks, easy enough so you don't have to figure out what goes with what. Make a statement with your accessories: gel watches, dangling earrings and lots of bangle bracelets.  

Dresses are back too; ruffled, shirt dresses and Maxi's.  Anything goes, Think color, prints and plaids. Make it your style.  Decide what looks good for you. If ruffles aren't your think go for that shirt dress. If flower prints and plaids aren't for you. Stick to bright solids. Ah spring is in the air. 

If you are thinking Spring handbags, go for a new  look. Sling bags or satchels, are the rage now. You can get the satchels that still work as a shoulder bag too. Smaller is better. Minimize the items in your purse and look for a sleek tote bag or messenger bag to carry all your work paraphernalia                                                                         

 Ballet flats are still the rage but more glamourous with beads and jewels. Gladiator sandels still hold their own this season and platform soles with sleek stiletto heels are all the rage.  Beige is big especially with skirts. It keeps those long legs looking longer. Wedgies are big too. Flower print wedgies are big giving a feeling of fun to that business suit.
Spring is here!!! Keep Styling in Delco

Meet the models (part 4)

Yes, I accidentally left out a few of our amazing models! 



Meet the Models (part 3)

And finally, the remainder of the models for the Little Black Dress fashion show and luncheon on Thursday.  I can't believe that the event is only a few days away!




Breathing New Life Into Thrift Store Items

Walking into a thrift store can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. There are so many amazing items on the shelf, but it can be a challenge to look at all of those items and see the potential in these used treasures. Luckily, for those of us that are more thrift store challenged, there are so many great blogs filled with fabulous inspiration for transforming those common thrift store pieces into true masterpieces.

Truly, my best craft materials come from Goodwill and the best part is the money you will save by acquiring those materials at the thrift store rather than paying the full retail prices.

Today I wanted to show three fun new ways to breathe a new life into Goodwill pieces that you may not have thought of. Let's see if you don't rush off to the store this minute after this craft inspiration!

Furniture- Furniture deals abound at Goodwill and I love to look for pieces that can add a little bit of sparkle to our house. My most prized furniture possessions include an '80's desk that we transformed into a hutch for our dishes and a cute bench that was recovered in faux leather for our bathroom. I have more love for those pieces than anything else in my house because they were made by me. It also feels good to know that they are pieces that others overlooked, but I saw the potential in!

Centsational Girl is one of my favorite resources for transforming rooms on a budget and I absolutely love this easy dresser makeover. She purchased the details that were added to the dresser and then finished it with a fun painting technique. This would be the perfect addition to any room and I love that a simple piece can be so lovingly embellished. Think of how paint and a few appliques could transform a piece of Goodwill furniture into something that people would be envious of for their own homes. Any piece with good bones can be created into a masterpiece with a can of paint, elbow grease, and a whole lot of imagination. (Photo Credit: Centsational Girl)

Other fun furniture ideas: Use an old drawer for a serving tray for a family night (@ Farm Chicks)

Makeover chairs in a fun way with a little chalkboard paint (@ Pretty Ditty)

Think outside the box with a fun kitchen stool makeover (@ A Soft Place to Land)

Create a beautiful kitchen table set from Goodwill furniture (@ Pink and Polka Dot)

A nightstand to a play kitchen is both inventive and inexpensive (@ My Little Gems)

Clothing Refashioned- If there was ever a year to try your hand at adding detail to Goodwill pieces this is the year to do it! This year's style is all about delicious feminine additions- ruffles, appliques, and rosettes are all beautiful and easy details that you can add to Goodwill pieces to give you that elegant Anthropologie look on a Goodwill budget.

Bloggers everywhere are adding fun details to simple cardigans and this ruffled cardigan from say YES! to Hoboken is one of my favorites. Look for plain cardigans or even shirts that can be cut in half to make a cardigan, and use these pieces to add a little bit of ruffles and fun to your wardrobe. (Photo Credit: say YES! to Hoboken)

Other fun wardrobe refashions:

Transform a shirt into a cute DIY Cardigan with a Twist (@ Happy Together)

Make an Anthropologie-inspired scarf out of fabric found at Goodwill (@ Sewing in No Man's Land)

Add a flower collar from clothing or fabric found at Goodwill (@ katie did)

Turn men's shirt sleeves into quick & easy toddler pants (@ luvinthemommyhood)

Create an unbelievably beautiful DIY J Crew ruffled cardigan (@ Mighty Girl)

Add doilies to a stained cardigan and add a little vintage flair (@ one pearl button)

Whip up an easy ruffled t-shirt (@ Tea Rose Home) Make a summer sweater from a t-shirt (@ Angry Chicken) Housewares With Style- The housewares section at Goodwill is a crafting mecca of ideas and there are tons of great tools for gift giving and creating beautiful crafts for your home. I love to visit this section for pretty baskets, platters for giving treats to friends, organizing tools for my craft storage, and even used craft supplies that someone has lovingly passed down.

One thing I keep an arsenal of is white mugs from Goodwill for a fun craft project with the kids. I let my children use a ceramic paint sets (purchased at the craft store) to decorate them for cute gifts for teachers and grandparents. Of course, I absolutely love anything with a monogram on it and these monogrammed mugs from Design Mom are absolutely beautiful and would make a very cute & creative gift. (Photo Credit: Design Mom)

Other Housewares Recreated:

Create a fun mud pie kitchen for the kids out of vintage housewares (@ Pepper Paints)
Create cute labels out of chalkboard paint to label mason jars (@ Wisdom of the Moon)

Paint mason jars to elegantly decorate your patio (@ tatertots and jello)

Add fabric yo-yos to adorn a wicker basket (@ Tea Rose Home)

Recycled pickle jars get a whole new life with glass candlestick holders (@ eighteen25)

Pull together a tiered cake stand from odds and ends in the housewares section (@ giver's log).

What have you transformed from Goodwill that you are proud of? Any tips or tricks for things to look for when doing your thrift store shopping? I would love to hear your ideas!

Amy Allen Clark is the Founder of, a web community where she shares advice on parenting, money-saving ideas, recipes, and solutions for work-at-home moms. Visit her site for more ideas on ways to live on a frugal budget!

Wearable Art at Tyme Gallery

You have to check out this line of wearable art exclusively at Tyme Gallery in Havertown by Nina Leon, a Broomall resident.

Nina Leon has been working in the field of wearable art for several years. She began making
 one-of-a-kind jewelry and has had her work displayed in many local galleries.

“I have always loved working with color. It doesn’t matter if it is paint or beads. I approach them both the same. I use either medium as a means to create.

To me, beads are just like paint and jewelry is just like a  canvas," said Leon.

Leon won the Silver Medal for Fire Mountain Gems eleven times. She teaches beading at various workshops.

A breast cancer survivor, Leon was commissioned to design the 2007 commerative pin for the Amonea Corporation called Wings of Life. Nina chose a butterfly motif as an artistic expression for  breast cancer awareness pin based on symbolism.

"Not only is it a sign of rebirth, a butterfly is able to dance on the wind and soar high above the ground. They are free and spirited, providing us with an amazing sense of wonder, beauty, and childlike joy. As far as we can tell, they aren't worried about how long their lifespan happens to be, they are simply living in the moment! I felt the pink ribbons work perfectly in the spread wings by expressing a sense of expansive delicacy, innocence, and unfettered freedom,"
describes Leon.
This describes the delicacy and beauty of her pieces at the gallery. For more info you can contact Tyme Gallery at or stop by the gallery at 17 W. Eagle Rd in Havertown.
Keep Styling in Delco!

Favorite Places To Shop

Where is your favorite place to shop...I mean, BESIDES Goodwill (of course!).  Do you love local boutiques?  Maybe Flourish, Jules or Inspire Me?  Or are you more of a Nordstrom or Anthropologie girl? I know some of you LOVE Talbot's and White House Black Market too!

Guess what... you will see pieces from all of these great stores at the Little Black Dress Fashion Show on Thursday, April 21!  Do you have tickets yet?  GET THEM TODAY!

There are only a handful left (seriously, VERY few tickets remain). Simply go to the Goodwill website, and you can purchase your tickets online!

Photo credit:

Keeping Mosquitoes Away

Joaquim really hates it when he gets bitten by mosquitoes! He would throw a tantrum when he gets bitten while sleeping! He also have scars from scratching these mosquito bites (asar!).
I don't want to apply products on Joaquim's skin that are dangerous because of harmful chemicals, that's why I opted for an all natural mosquito repellant.

giga baby insect repellant spray
We are currently using Giga Baby insect reppelant spray, I bought it from Sesou Market Market. It's priced at P185.00 for 100ml. Its ingredients are: fruit extrat distillate, water, lemongrass oil, patchouli oil, lavender oil and PPG. I like its lemon grass scent! (most of the other repellant smelled of citronella, which i'm not a fan of :-P) It's good in keeping mosquitoes at bay, the only downside is that you need to apply it frequently. You need to re-apply every 2 to 3 hours. You can even spray this on linen! I spray this on our bedsheet! :) And this can also be used to repel other bugs and insects.
Aside from this, we aslo bought other gadgets. hehehe!

Akari insect killer

We bought an Akari Insect Killer for  P300+ from Ace Hardware. What it does is it attracts mosquitoes with the light and heat its emitting, then they get electrecuted when they make contact. This works best when it's the only light turned on.

baygon electric plug-in mosquito repellent and mats

We also have the Baygon electric plug-in mosquito repellent (the one that uses mats). Can't remember how much the plug-in costs but the mats are about P2.00 a piece. One mat is good for 8 hours and it can protect an area of 12ft x 12ft. It does not emit fumes and the scent is not that strong.

Our windows are already screened, next project a screen door! :)


Meet the models (part 2!)

Here are some more of our great models who will be featured next week at the Little Black Dress Fashion Show!




Meet the Models

WHEW!  What a search!  We are overwhelmed by the number of models that wanted to help us with our Little Black Dress Fashion Show!  In the coming days, we thought we would introduce you to some of the models you will see at this year's luncheon...which is NEXT WEEK!

(drum roll please!)



High Maintenance ...Fabulosity for all

Glamour and glitz has come to Ridley at High Maintenance Boutique at 223 Morton Avenue.  The new shop opened by Staci Shoenberger has a West Coast Edge.

The Ridley boutique has  everything from fashion glitzy accessories, bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses and much more from cocktail dresses and tee-shirts...this boutique has it all. Even zebra luggage. 

As trendy as it is, Shoenberger makes you feel at home and wants you to feel like you are in your sister's closet putting outfits together using a color scheme of gray, black and white which she attributes to her sister, Melissa. She's there to help you out.  Prices range from $8 to $80. It's affordable fabulosity in an elegant setting.
"Everything goes together, you may not feel you have fashion sense but here you can find the right bracelet to match the shirt, " says Shoenberger.
Shoenberger has always loved fashion. At the age of two she was fashion forward. After graduating she took classes in the medical field and realized it wasn't what she loved so she  starting out taking fashion on the road to people's homes much like Tupperware parties. 
" I needed to do what makes me happy and shopping makes me happy. This is my closet. I want people to feel like they are at their sister's place and come and hang out. Love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life."    
Right now the boutique offers women's clothes and accessories  but soon  will offer little girl accessories  inspired by her niece, Taylor. Shoenberger is raising the  nine year-old and  Taylor is a  fashionista in her own right.  Shoenberger's eyes light up when she talks about her niece.
When she first thought about opening the store she was going to gear it towards little girls and still plans to have a part of High Maintenance for young girls with a separate entity, within the shop called Taylor's Bow-tique. The pink that you find in the store contrasting the neutrals is inspired by Taylor. And soon Shoenberger will have part of the store set aside for the younger set.  
"Taylor helped out with every aspect of the store. She helped me with everything from steaming clothes,  shopping, and tagging. She's a nine year old entrepreneur. She has her own lotion line,"said Shoenberger proudly.
Shoenberger's High Maintenance Boutique's grand opening is on Saturday, April 9 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. She will be giving away prizes every hour and with each purchase. The ribbon cutting will be at 4 p.m.   Keep Styling in Delco!

A fun day at MOA

Jhe took a VL last tuesday, so we went to MOA for a fun filled day. :)
We went to Toy Kingdom to look for educational toys for Joaquim, but what caught his eye were two small, transparent balls that costs P500.00 each! We tried bribing him with more reasonably priced balls but to no avail. So Jhe picked him up and we went out of there with Joaquim's disapproval! Good thing, we passed by a booth that sells wooden toys and we bought him a wooden shape sorter from Wagas Crafts. This is surely a nice toy that can teach your kid about shapes and colors for just P150.00.
shape sorter @ P150.00
Joaquim riding Tomas the tank engine at Toy Kingdom
Joaquim really enjoyed this day!
Jhe and Joaquim rode the ferris wheel

He played at the inflatable castle

We rode the anchor's away-like ride (sorry was not able to remember the ride's name haha!)
We took photos with the man in the moon at the Science Discovery Center
And watched the sunset

After all those activities, we were ready to have our dinner!
We went to Tia Maria's, and ordered Tia's Mexi grilled Grande which is good for 3 to 4 persons. It has Tex-Mex Spare-ribs, Mexi-Pork BBQ Grande, Mexican chicken inasal, Grilled squid and Nacho Chips with pico de gallo for P495.00. We just added Mexican rice and tortillas.
Food was really good, we absolutely enjoyed this meal! :) and joaquim can't get enough of the nachos! hehe!

Tia Maria's SM Mall of Asia
Ground Floor Entertainment Mall Building


Prom Deals and more at Gina's Closet

Prom season is upon us! Are you looking for that perfect dress that will make you feel like a Fairy Princess or do you want to look pretty in pink or sexy and sleek in black?

At Gina's Closet in Clifton Heights you will find that dress, the bag and the shoes for less then a $100 and look as beautiful as any prom queen ever.  The consignment shop has s a room full of gowns  from hot pink to those crazy "seventies" paisley prints.   
Located at 1 South  Oak Avenue in Clifton Heights , Gina's Closet features items from Abercrombie and Fitch, Limited Too, Justice for Girls, Aeropostable, American Eagle, Bebe. Charlotte Russe and the list goes on and on. From head to toe get ready for Spring. You will find flowered wedge shoes, great purses and so much more.  

Gina's Closet also offers a career section featuring such fine labels as Ann Taylor, Armani Exchange , J Crew, The Limited, Nine West and Victoria's Secret Express. If you are looking for that mink  fur, (does it count animal activists if you buy it second hand? ) you can fine then in the exclusive high end section in the store.  

One of the most awesome things about this shop is  if you have name brand clothes in good condition that you are tired of you can trade them in for cash. You'll be going green as well as making a litte green cash for yourself.  Not bad. So check out Gina's Closet.  Store hours are from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m Mondays thru Fridays; Saturdays, 10 a.m.  to 6 p.m.; and Sundays, noon to 5 p.m. 
Keep Styling in Delco