There are no words....

to describe the feeling of seeing the Fashion Icon, JOAN RIVERS, wearing not only "1"of my designs, but "2" of them in this week's article seen in In Touch Magazine!!!!!

Thank you Ms. Rivers!!!


Prints are a huge trend this season - especially florals! Look for large floral patterns as opposed to a small "ditsy" print.

  • Be sure not to do floral head to toe
  • Be conscious of your stature, and make sure that the weight of the print is in align with your stature. We want to see YOU not your floral ensemble.
  • Pair your bright florals with a great neutral - it will balance your overall look
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Spring fashion is a menegerie of color

Spring is here, even though in Delco it feels like summer. But weather permitting or even not permitting, you always want to be styling.

So here it goes. Color and more color. Color is so intense that it could be an artist’s palate and then so neutral that it blends with everything. Beige and white are all the rage. Pastels have come into their own in mint green, powder blue and bubblegum pink.

. Navy is the new black. That black leather motorcycle jacket has a whole new feel in colors like yellow, blue and red. Jeans take on color too in reds, blues, oranges and yellows.

Think bright flowered prints with the palate of van Gogh’s yellow sunflowers and the blues in Monet’s Water Lilies.
Orange breaks through on its own from apricot to tangerine in shoes, watches, skirts, pants, dresses and necklaces. The sixties look inspired by Mad Men is bringing back that romantic looks of lace patterns dresses. If you want a more Mod look, try a geometric dress and don’t forget those Jackie O sunglasses. If you were around during the sixties you remember the nautical look, navy and stripped tops. The look is back.
Speaking of accessories; army watches are trendy, so are poppy colored totes and Sperry rose print boat shoes. These little beauties are definitely not your father’s boat shoe. Earrings are geometric and classically structured. Colored chunky clunky necklaces and bracelets will set off that outfit. Let’s not forget wedged shoes or platform soles to complete your look. Wear more edgy shoes with those pastel romantic look.  Keep Styling in Delco.           


Nautical is back and bigger than ever this season! You will see the nautical influence in all the stripes, and in details like strong hardware, rope embellishments and all the red/white/blue combinations.

  • I am loving the juxtaposition of wearing a floral with a stripe. It's a hard look to pull off correctly (and not look like Punky Brewster)...but very on-trend!
  • If you are broad shouldered, be sure to keep the stripes away from your shoulders - it will make you look broader.
  • Bring in a bright color with your stripes - like neon yellow, tangerine or grass green.

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Bayou Romance!

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Spring Cleaning With Goodwill

Cleaning lady vacuuming a soft carpet in living room.

It is that time of year again when we all have the urge to get rid of the useless items , reclaim our garages, and restore order in our home. I used to try to do spring cleaning in one week, but with endless activities on our calendar, it makes it difficult to devote a week's worth of my time to just cleaning. Who really has time for that?

Instead of doing one deep cleaning try “spring cleaning” all year long rather than trying to set aside a specific time to do this. By simply incorporating smaller scale spring cleaning projects into your daily routine, you can accomplish the same tasks on your limited schedule.

vacuuming dirt off a green carpet

Make a Checklist- Begin by making a checklist of everything that you would normally do during your spring cleaning. Tasks like washing all the linens and drapes, wiping down baseboards, washing windows inside and out, cleaning out your pantry, washing your shower curtains, organizing your linen cabinets, wiping down walls, and cleaning doorknobs and light fixtures are items that are typically on a spring cleaning checklist.

Take Inventory of Your Supplies- Take inventory of your cleaners and the tools that you will need in order to accomplish all of the necessary cleaning. Nothing is worse then getting ready to do your task and then finding out that you are missing that one component needed to complete your task. Put the items that you will need on your shopping list and get these items on the day that you perform all of your errands.

Add Just One Hour- Continue doing your normal daily routine, but add an extra hour each week towards accomplishing just one of these tasks on your list. Check off the items that you accomplish and press on to the next one. By just devoting one hour a week towards your spring cleaning goals you will have a more manageable deep cleaning routine.

Donation Day

Reclaim Your Home- Clear out as much clutter as you can. Make a box for trash and a box for your Goodwill donations and fill these with all of the unnecessary clutter in your home. By donating these items to Goodwill your items continue to help Goodwill’s mission to provide jobs, training and placement services for people with barriers to employment. Not only will someone who needs these items more benefit from your donation, but you can receive a tax break and reclaim space in your own home. If you don’t like to dust it, don’t love the item, and want an organized home- donate it!!

Make Cleaning Convenient- Keep a caddy of cleaning supplies on each floor. I find it much easier to clean my house when I know that the tools that I need to accomplish my task are just a few steps away. Keep your checklist either in one of your caddies or somewhere that is accessible so that you can always stay on track with your deep cleaning.

As an aside, I also encourage you to do your cleaning when it is convenient for you. Some people work better during morning hours while others of us would rather be snoozing and do better in the evening. Take advantage of the times that you work best. If you would rather break the hour into smaller increments that is totally up to you. The idea behind all of this is to make it as easy as possible so fit it in wherever and whenever you can.

bench monday: what a mess

Get the Kids Involved- Enlist your helpers to help you on these tasks. Your children and your husband can be active participants in getting your home organized just like they help to contribute to the clutter. Schedule dad for clearing out the garage, taking inventory of the tools you will need to do your gardening, cleaning out the basement, weeding through the family electronics, or other tasks inside and outside of the home. Children can aid in cleaning their own rooms by helping to remove some of the clutter in the house. Involving your family can be beneficial in showing them all that you do to keep your house running smoothly.

Make it Fun- Whatever you do, try to make the experience a fun one. Turn on some great music, watch television while polishing tables, do whatever you can to make getting your home clean easier and more enjoyable.

What are your best tips for Spring Cleaning? We would love to hear how you accomplish the Spring Cleaning in your home!

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Bright hues are the color story of the season. Vibrant lemon yellows being paired back with tangerine oranges will be all the rage!

  • Resist wearing bright neon colors head to toe
  • Make the bright color the statement of your outfit. The rest of your outfit should be a subdued neutral
  • The easiest way to add a bright color is with footwear!

Lovin' the looks for spring....

LOTS of new fashion and of course..."jewels" at Yaya!

Fashion Day at the Granger store - March 24!


It is that time of year again when we start talking about the Little Black Dress Luncheon! We are on a hunt for Michiana's Goodwill Models!

Details below...

Prom fashion shows you don't want to miss

Strath Haven Prom Showcase
Strath Haven High School will hold its 2012 Prom Showcase to benefit the senior class after-prom event, on March 11 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Charlene Mulholland, owner Sorella Boutique in is providing the gowns for the 2012 Prom Showcase. The Showcase will feature 25 senior students modeling the latest prom fashions, along with entertainment and prom and graduation vendors.
The Showcase will take place in the Strath Haven High School auditorium, 205 S. Providence Road, Wallingford. Cost is $10 per person at the door. Co-chairs for this event are Cathy Shea and Lauren O'Donnell
Proceeds support the after-prom party, which provides high school students with a safe, supervised evening of celebration after the Senior Prom.

Nana’s Attic Prom Sunday
Nana’s Attic Thrift Store, which is owned by The Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County is having its annual Prom Sunday on March 20. Prom Sunday will feature a prom fashion show from noon to 2 p.m. Gowns will range in price from $20to $35. This gives everyone a chance to afford a prom gown. Shoes and handbags range from $4 to $6.

Spring has arrived....

Lots of beautiful new spring fashion and jewelry arriving daily....