Cowgirl Sassy, to Gypsy Flair and Rockin' Couture....

that is what you will find at Yaya Chique!

Birthday and Winnings

Turned 30 last saturday :)
We took our family (Jhe's and mine) to dinner at Dampa in Marikina
Here are some of our photos..
nakatulog si joaquim sa byahe..hehe!

kailangang pang hawakan ulo ni joaquim para lang humarap sa camera! :)
Then we had dessert at a nearby Ice Cream House

Received this package from Ann of numberslettersandfashion last Monday ( I won the 2nd prize of her giveaway) Saya! :)

love it! ♥♥♥

Demi Lovato lovin' her debi lynn original!

Isn't she a cutie pie?  Thanks Demi for your love & support!  

Lovin' the new colors for Fall..., gray and blue!

and in case you didn't know new website for my design line "debi lynn designs" is now finished!   You can see all the newest work here:  debi lynn designs

Young and Girly

I'm starting to wonder, could I still dress "young and girly" when I'm no longer in my twenties?  (that will be in a few days! :-o )
Maybe it can still be done, not over doing it maybe is the key..
Or as long as I look okay and I can carry my self well..I don't know =P


dress: thrifted
shoes: City Girl
bag: Anya Satchel from Coconut Gold
accessories: f21, market2, sister's

Reclaiming Your Garage

Garage Shelving

You may not realize that Goodwill experiences a dip in donations around this time of year, but it does! When summer winds down people often do not donate as much and this creates a shortage of product for Goodwill. That is why I think it is the perfect time of year to discuss cleaning out your garage and making room for your cars before the winter season approaches, while creating donations that will help Goodwill thrive during this time of year.

Pull Everything Out- The first step towards getting that garage truly cleared of clutter is to pull everything out and assess what you have. You may find that you have multiples of items like yard tools, mechanical tools, or parts and equipment for household projects. Remove any multiples you have and add them to your donation bin to help reduce that extra clutter.

While you have everything out, I like
to assess the items that get stored higher up in the garage or rafters. Are these item really something we need to be storing and just how often do we get these items down to be used? If they haven't been used in years, you likely don't need to store them!

Charlotte Clean & Green

Clear Out That Electronic Clutter- I talk a lot about getting rid of the electronic clutter on here, but electronic clutter seems to gather in every corner of our home, including our garage. You may not be aware of what electronics Goodwill accepts, but you can learn more about their program with Goodwill by reading this post on the Dell Reconnect program that Goodwill offers.

For example, Goodwill will happily process those cords and cables (power cord & USB cables) that no longer have a use in your garage. They also accept your ink & toner cartridges (either full or empty), computer speakers, telev
isions and software. They even take your old cell phones! If your garage has become a warehouse for your old televisions, cords, and outdated computer equipment, load them up in your car and take them on over to Goodwill.

Items where the glass could be broken, like computer monitors and scanners, just need to be placed into a trash bag or box and clearly labeled that they are broken and the date of your donation. Isn’t it nice to know that even those broken items in our home can be processed for donation?

Organized Garage Oct-2010 03

Sort Like Items Into Clear Bins- Once you have gotten rid of all the clutter and duplicate items, you can begin sorting the items that you want to keep into clear bins. I try to keep in mind that if I can reduce the amount of items that we need to keep, we can reduce the amount of bins we will need to buy! Label the items clearly and then place them back into your garage.

Try to be strategic about where you place the items when you put them back in. For example, seasonal items can be stored higher up, and then keep items that you need more often lower and into easier reach.

Use the vertical space and wall space for mounting shelving and sorting items upward and along garage walls to get items cleared from your garage floor.

old car

Get Rid of that Clunker- Now that all of your like items are sorted into bins, why not assess the bigger items that might be gathering dust in your garage. Is there a car in your garage that you were hoping to repair one day, but know that you never will? Why not free up the space in your garage for the car you really do love to drive!

You may have a car of humble means that you could offer as a donation to Goodwill that could give a new lease on life to someone e
lse. Even if your car is not drivable, it could make economic sense for Goodwill to take the donation to their auction site . There is no need to detail your car before donating it, just clear it of the clutter and contact Goodwill to let them know that you have a car that you would like to donate.

The vast majority of these vehicles are sold at dealer auctions and those donations help Goodwill’s mission to provide jobs, training and placement services for people with barriers to employment.

Clean Out the Garage & Join a Movement- You may see cleaning out your garage as just cleaning out your garage, but you are actually joining a very important movement of people! Goodwill has started a movement called The Donate Movement and they are encouraging everyone to participate in it. By visiting the page, you can use their calculator to discover what your impact will have on your community and the amount of hours your simple donation will provide to educate and train employees at Goodwill.

Photo credits- Please click on the photos to access the photographer's Flickr pages.

Weekend Love II

It was my mama's birthday the other day and we celebrated it by having a simple dinner at my parent's place.
We had a quick trip to Market Maket to buy food, because mama said "It's my birthday, ayaw ko ngang magpakapagod no!" =D
My sister Marian bought cake, Aileen bought ice cream and it's pizza for me.. :)

September is an "eventful" month for our family because it's mama's, Aileen's and my birthday month and that is in a span of a week so diet is put on hold for that week! hehe!

happy birthday mama! ♥♥

mama and her beautiful children..haha!

joaquim: what will I eat?


The Lure of the Long Skirt

Longer skirts are back according to InStyle Magazine. And not those bohemian long flowered types. Long tailored skirts with a flow in silk, wool, flannel and cotton. Designers Carolina Herrera , Marni and Donna Karan give the look a new silhouette this year on the runway.

 Tailored you can wear them with a small platform heels and tinted stockings instead of clunky boots and tights. keep the tonal range of colors similar so you don't look so tiny. Slits will make this look sensual and the fullness of this new look will make you feel sexy not stuffed like a cigar.

Hey darling pair that skirt with long gloves and a smokeless cigarette holder and you are looking oh so Greta Garbo. You'll never be alone .

Best day to head to Goodwill

 There are optimal days to head to your local Goodwill stores to get great deals.

Many times, 50% sales are announced on the NEWS AND EVENT page of the Goodwill website. Another great place to check, is the Goodwill Facebook page.

Here are some other thoughts on WHEN to head to a Thrift Shop

  • Sale days - ask for their regular sale schedule. A $4 pair of shoes is cheap, but when they’re $2 – even better!

  • Stocking days – ask if they exist

  • Late spring – after college gets out

  • After garage sales - if there is a big neighborhood garage sale that ends on Saturday at 4, head over to the Goodwill in that neighborhood the next morning! 

  • During the week – Monday – lots of donations from weekend cleaning and sales

  • Often! If you don’t find anything one week, try again in a few weeks. A stores’ inventory changes constantly, so you might strike gold one week, and come up with nothing the next. Make thrift store shopping part of your regular home management routine.


    Sushine Award

    I would like to thank Julie Ann of It's a Girl Thing for giving me this award ♥ :)

    The rules:
    1. Thank the person who gave you this award and write a post about it.
    2. Answer the following questions.
    3. Pass it on to ten fabulous bloggers and send them a message to let them know.

    Favourite Colour: gray, lavander/purple/periwinkle =)
    Favourite Animal: dogs, peruvian guinea pig
    Favourite Number: 28
    Favourite Drink: iced coffee!
    Facebook or Twitter: more of a facebook user
    Your passion: my family, fashion
    Giving or getting presents: both
    Favourite pattern: Stripes
    Favourite day: weekends = family day :)
    Favourite flowers:orchids, roses, tulips

    I would like to pass this award to:
    Nuna, Michi, Christine, Anney, Maria, Ann, Afianne, Angel, Aurelia, Eva en Anna


    Old is New

    The knit flame stitch in every color is big this year. Some of you will remember this look from the seventies.  Old is new.
    Cocoa Channel
    Fur trimmed vests, remember Sonny and Cher.  Dolman -sleeve pullovers and cowl neck lines. Stripes are big too.Those neon colors in lime are back too. Bright color making a better place possibly.

    Big cuffs and embellished necklines make a statement that you have arrived. Crushed faux fur coats and the little black sheath dress make you look perfect for that special night out. Old and new together. Work or  on a night on the town:  We will always be grateful to Cocoa Channel for the simplicity of the little black dress forevermore.

    Race to the finish!

    Joaquim's go kart was at our living room so I figured why not include it in my outfit photo hence the title of this post :)
    I have a newfound interest with opaque tights...
    Would love to start incorporating them with my outfits :)

    blazer: thrifted
    tank top: bazaar
    shorts: cut off jeans
    black tights: oro
    flats: fashion market
    accessories: market2

    Weekend Love I

    Last Friday, I received my 13" Peach Anya Satchel from Coconut Gold happy! :)
    I first saw their bags from Simone's Fashion Closet, joined her giveaway but didn't win, good thing Jhe gave this to me as an advance birthday gift ♥♥♥

    I've been wanting to have a satchel, i just love the style...and now I have one, Yay!
    Want to have more in different colors :) (calling Jhe, how bout an advance Christmas gift? hehe! )

    So excited, used the bag right away when we went to Market Market for some family time yesterday :)

    see Joaquim's leg peeking by the door? he's so eager to go na..hehe!
    Jhe loves Chinese food, so we ate at North Park, we really liked the food...we were so full! :)

     We rode some rides before heading home...

    while riding the baloon wheel
    Earlier Joaquim and I (Jhe had to work) went to Bambang, Manila with my mom, my sister M and her in laws to buy nebulizers. We need one at home because old one was broken and unfortunately, Joaquim inherited asthma from me...

    nebulizer for P1,000.00
    After that we ate at Delicious Chinese Restaurant in Ongpin (no photos, we were so hungry already :)
    Service was a little slow but the food was true to its name..worth the wait talaga! :)

    That was our weekend, how's yours? :)


    Time to revamp the wardrobe

    Photos from Bing Images.

     It’s September so that means time to revamp and look at what’s in our closet. Time to put the white away; shoes, pocketbooks and short-shorts.

    Hot colors for this season; hot pink, reds, purples, fuchsia and classic calming beige and tans for the less flashy. Stripes are big whether in different colors or just layered in the material.

    The animal print is still hot, worn as an accessory or a top or dress. Leopard prints are neutral so they go with almost anything. Skirts are longer going to knee or if short; ruffled.
    Pants are wide, or straight leg Leggings are still hot. Wear a tunic or a sequin top. The basic shirt is still tailored and a classic every woman needs one or two in her wardrobe. Ruffle shirts are still big. Leather motorcycle jackets can still spice up that look giving you an edge. For the casual look wear a graphic tee. Pair it with a woven knit scarf or a faux fur scarf. Add a faux fur vest. Layers are still going strong. Layer your shirt with a faux fur vest giving you that Sonny and Cher look from the you that sixties.

    Jackets are back and so are suits to give you a professional look but they are more stream-lined giving an edgy look to the banker’s suit.
    Be well-heeled in shoes that are platform. Wedge shoes are not just for summer. Wedge shoes are versatile coming in lace up booties; and open toed. But being comfy is in too. Long live ballet flats. Of course boots, boots, and more boots. The motorcycle boot lives on. Keep Styling in Delco!


    My Thrift Finds

    No outfit post today, because I went thrift shopping after I dropped Joaquim to schoool.
    And I was able to score these:

    saya! :)
    Can't wait to create outfit posts with my new finds :)
    That's all for now :)