Time to revamp the wardrobe

Photos from Bing Images.

 It’s September so that means time to revamp and look at what’s in our closet. Time to put the white away; shoes, pocketbooks and short-shorts.

Hot colors for this season; hot pink, reds, purples, fuchsia and classic calming beige and tans for the less flashy. Stripes are big whether in different colors or just layered in the material.

The animal print is still hot, worn as an accessory or a top or dress. Leopard prints are neutral so they go with almost anything. Skirts are longer going to knee or if short; ruffled.
Pants are wide, or straight leg Leggings are still hot. Wear a tunic or a sequin top. The basic shirt is still tailored and a classic every woman needs one or two in her wardrobe. Ruffle shirts are still big. Leather motorcycle jackets can still spice up that look giving you an edge. For the casual look wear a graphic tee. Pair it with a woven knit scarf or a faux fur scarf. Add a faux fur vest. Layers are still going strong. Layer your shirt with a faux fur vest giving you that Sonny and Cher look from the you that sixties.

Jackets are back and so are suits to give you a professional look but they are more stream-lined giving an edgy look to the banker’s suit.
Be well-heeled in shoes that are platform. Wedge shoes are not just for summer. Wedge shoes are versatile coming in lace up booties; and open toed. But being comfy is in too. Long live ballet flats. Of course boots, boots, and more boots. The motorcycle boot lives on. Keep Styling in Delco!