Making New looks from Old clothes!

Making new looks from old clothes
with the Sewing Doctor.

Many know Diane McNitt as the owner of her own public relations  company,
 McNitt Marketing,  few know that she has a real passion for sewing. McNitt majored in  
                                       Fashion and Design  at Drexel University.

The Lansdowne resident started sewing when she was a little girl. Her interest peaked as she watched her Nana create Barbie doll clothes. Back then, Barbie was the best dressed chick in doll town.
McNitt first started sewing when she was a child and she got a toy sewing machine for Christmas.  She traded in that toy machine for a real one. Today she has become The Sewing Doctor.

So what is a Sewing Doctor?   Refashioning, Altering and Recycling clothes as explained by McNitt. If your old clothes are ailing before throwing them out, they can be rejuvenated with some stitches.

Here's some ways she does her magic on clothes.
She can modify a neckline that is too low and adorn it with lace.
Take a plain top and add some antique buttons.  
Add some fabric to a skirt that is too short.

But what about those items you love just because of the fabric. Recycle fabric that you like instead of tossing it is the name of the game and a way to stay green.

  She can take a 1940's scarf and make it into a unique curtain, or a souvenir t-shirt into a pillow..
You bought the tee-shirt because you were in Disney World and you just don't want to throw it away but you know you will never wear it. What a great way to hold onto the memory and keep the souvenir. 

So if you are looking to keep those clothes but give them an updated look contact McNitt at 610-622-5856 and or contact her at

LBD Fashion Show 2011 - SAVE THE DATE!

You've heard about it - you were sad you missed it last sure not miss out on THE event of the season! Goodwill's Little Black Dress Fashion Show!

Check out the video below for every reason you need to save the date for this year's event!

Ten things you can do to break out of the winter doldrums

All photos courtesy of Bing Images
 I don't know about you but I am really feeling a bit gray after this winter cold dreary white snow everywhere. Luckily the sun has been breaking through a bit.
But here's some ideas to get through the next blast of winter left.

Paint your nails.......Every  color any color. What about yellow or orange?.  Have fun. Try the two colors  and different designs. I found some dual nail colors you can mix and match at the dollar store. The brushes are smaller so you can use your artistic skills and make fabulous  designs.

Try highlighted hair pieces. You can buy them in wig and hair shops. Clip them to your hair giving you a sun-kissed look without the permanency of salon highlights. 

Add some bracelets. Yes even with those sweaters and long sleeve shirts. Mix and match wearing up to five. Yes I know we all wear bracelets in the summer to take away the focus from those jiggly jello bare  arms You will feel  glamorous.  Women bejeweled. And since its still winter you have some time to work on those arms.

Wear lipstick. Go to a beauty counter at Macy's and find out what lipstick is right for you. Look at old Marilyn Monroe movies. What made that woman so beautiful? Besides the blond hair and the mole...LIPSTICK! Try it.   

Get a pedicure. I know it's not summer. No one is looking at your feet but aren't your feet feeling a bit rough around the heels. Yes, yes I agree we need warm comfy socks and boots and not peekaboo shoes. But what a pick me up to look at those gorgeous feet in the shower. 

Buy yourself some fresh cut flowers. Put them in a vase, open up the blinds and  bring Spring into  your home. Even bring them to work to share with the office. Everyone will be in a good mood.

 Take a mental health day and go to a museum in the city or stay home and
watch old movies. Life was simpler then.Yea for happy endings. Check out the fashions too. Weren't woman ah so glamorous in the forties?
Okay so you have to stay bundled up. Coats, hats, long johns. I feel your pain but here's a tip from Paris.Wear delicate lacy lingerie under those heavy clothes. Remember its what's inside that counts and that's true even with clothes.     

Exercise, I know, I know. Love it or hate it but you can't leave it out of the equation of feeling good.
Grab the i-pod and get on the treadmill. Do yoga. Do Pilates. All this can be done at home.  Just do it as the old Nike campaign goes. Come June remember those jello arms......gone. 

And last but not least go shopping with some friends, check out the new spring fashions, plan your summertime look. Spring is only a month and a half away. Have a glass of wine, eat lunch and just belly laugh. Spring is only a month and a half away.
Keep Styling in Delco!       

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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Look

by Kathy Friend

When it comes to finding the perfect outfit for Valentine’s Day, I always seem to be stuck somewhere between what I want to wear, and what I should wear.

Because of the weather here in Northern Indiana, Valentine’s Day usually means frigid temps. However, Valentine’s Day evokes ideas of frilly dresses.

Here are some ideas of what to wear…to stay warm and to look super fashionable at the same time!

Here is an idea of what to wear if you and your sweetie have decided to do something casual...

  • This look features a basic trouser cut jean (which is flattering on EVERYONE!).

  • We've pulled together some romantic pieces that feature feminine details like bows, ruffles and lace.

  • Here, we simply paired a ruffle front white tee (this tee is sleeveless) with a bright red rouched sweater.

  • The necklace would be super easy to make, simply take a simple chain - double it and add a black ribbon. EASY!

  • The look is grounded with a super sassy shoe-boot with a bow detail

Got big plans at a fancy restaurant? Here is an idea how to be appropirate for the venue, but still warm!

  • Here, we took a strapless ruffly dress (might be an old prom dress?) and found a great red cashmere cardigan to pull over the top.

  • With some ribbon and a simple chain, we were able to create a neat necklace for this look.

  • Because it seems to snow 3-5" every day here, boots were a MUST! These are a great simple black heeled boot that will be perfect with the outfit, weather and dancing!

  • Finally, the little ribbon belt. These are easy to find at retail stores, but don't discount your own creative abilities! Look for a chain belt or skinny leather belt at a Goodwill Retail Store, add some wide ribbon and make your own!

Hope these looks spur on some ideas for you. I wish you the best, most fashionable Valentine's Day!

In fashion and friendship,


Kathy Friend is a wardrobe coach and fashion stylist. For over 15 years, she has consulted with thousands of men and women all over the world to help improve their self esteem through image. She is the Fashion Editor of The Family Magazine and regularly provides information on the WSBT Morning Show as a Fashion Expert. Kathy provides fashion advice regularly through FASHION DAY events at Goodwill stores in Northern Indiana. For information on upcoming Goodwill events, please visit the Goodwill Website.

5 Things I Love to Buy at Goodwill

It is no secret, I am a Goodwill addict and there is nothing I love more than pouring over the Goodwill deals and finding new ways to repurpose thrift store items. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share with you five of my favorite things that I LOVE to purchase at Goodwill so that you can begin hunting for them at your own store.

Clothing- My little secret to being the best dressed that I can be on my budget is that I love to purchase my clothing at Goodwill. I am also, admittedly, a brand snob and I love to have great pieces in my wardrobe that will last the test of time. Thankfully, there are many great brands to be had on my budget at Goodwill. Don’t just look at the clothing only as wardrobe pieces though, but try to think beyond that.

Even the items that aren’t in your own size can be made into amazing things. I love to turn that beautiful fabric from those thrifted items into elegant accessories for my daughter or use fabric to embellish other pieces in my wardrobe. With items like ruffled t-shirts and embellished tops being at the height of fashion, consider the clothing section as an opportunity to find some great fabric for very low price.

27/365 New hand mixer
photo credit: Linda Scannell

Small Appliances-
The small appliance section at Goodwill is unbeatable and I love to browse this area of the store. I can find some of the best deals on items like bread machines, mixers, toaster ovens, and more in our store aisles. This is a great way to try out an appliance you have been eyeing at the department store without making the big investment.

Once you select your favorite small appliance, be sure to visit your local library to find books on creative ways to put those small appliances to work in your house. Armed with your inexpensive appliance and your free book, you will have a fun way to kill those winter doldrums.

full board game section
photo credit: msinnott

Board Games-
Our family is nuts about board games and we try to add to our collection regularly. I can never guarantee how much we will really love a board game until we have given it a test run and Goodwill is a mecca of board game fun on a frugal budget. I love to find great classic games at our store and always am on the hunt for fun retro board games that we can add into the mix. Thankfully, board games are very inexpensive and they can add a lot of variety to your family nights without a big investment.

Board game boards and pieces can also make fun decorations and art in your child’s playroom or as a fun way to spruce up the mantle. Scrabble tiles can spell out cute holiday phrases while Monopoly pieces in a glass jar can be a fun way to decorate and offer a little nod to your favorite games of all time!

Basket full of toys...
photo credit: lorises

I have quite a collection of baskets from Goodwill and if you witness the prices in the retail stores, you will know why Goodwill is the answer for storage solutions in your home. Not only do I use these baskets for organizing the chaos in our house, but I also rely on their amazing basket section for making beautiful gift baskets for the holidays and for creating great Easter baskets for the children. Remember that any tired basket can look brand new with a fresh coat of spray paint and can fit into any room in your home.

Cookbooks- Are you looking to add a new cookbook to your collection? Well, Goodwill is the best spot for gaining some inspiration in the kitchen. I love to pick up vintage cookbooks from Goodwill to help give me some new ideas for things to cook up in the kitchen. My, “How to Cook Everything,” by Mark Bittman was nestled among the books at our Goodwill and remains one of my most used and loved cookbooks.

Once you have your new cookbooks, enjoy browsing the houseware items and find a new platter, cake stand, or fun new dish set to bring your new feast to life. I guarantee that your family will find a new love for Goodwill too when they see your beautiful feast so lovingly prepared for them!

Amy Allen Clark is the Founder of, a web community where she shares advice on parenting, money-saving ideas, recipes, and solutions for work-at-home moms. Visit her site for more ideas on ways to live on a frugal budget!