Making New looks from Old clothes!

Making new looks from old clothes
with the Sewing Doctor.

Many know Diane McNitt as the owner of her own public relations  company,
 McNitt Marketing,  few know that she has a real passion for sewing. McNitt majored in  
                                       Fashion and Design  at Drexel University.

The Lansdowne resident started sewing when she was a little girl. Her interest peaked as she watched her Nana create Barbie doll clothes. Back then, Barbie was the best dressed chick in doll town.
McNitt first started sewing when she was a child and she got a toy sewing machine for Christmas.  She traded in that toy machine for a real one. Today she has become The Sewing Doctor.

So what is a Sewing Doctor?   Refashioning, Altering and Recycling clothes as explained by McNitt. If your old clothes are ailing before throwing them out, they can be rejuvenated with some stitches.

Here's some ways she does her magic on clothes.
She can modify a neckline that is too low and adorn it with lace.
Take a plain top and add some antique buttons.  
Add some fabric to a skirt that is too short.

But what about those items you love just because of the fabric. Recycle fabric that you like instead of tossing it is the name of the game and a way to stay green.

  She can take a 1940's scarf and make it into a unique curtain, or a souvenir t-shirt into a pillow..
You bought the tee-shirt because you were in Disney World and you just don't want to throw it away but you know you will never wear it. What a great way to hold onto the memory and keep the souvenir. 

So if you are looking to keep those clothes but give them an updated look contact McNitt at 610-622-5856 and or contact her at