I wanna be protected...

I wanna be protected from Cervical Cancer.
From the pamphlet , I read that 80% of women gets infected by HPV (human papillomavirus) once in their lifetime, and this virus causes cervical cancer and everyday 12 Filipinas die of cervical cancer. Which is so alarming, but good thing that this can be prevented by getting vaccinated.
I had my first dose of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine against cervical cancer earlier. I will need two more doses to be fully protected. And I think, every woman should know more about this. :) Ask your OB-gyne about HPV vaccine.

just got vaccinated! :)
I was also given an immunization card and a reminder bracelet with three charms. So, for every dose I receive, I will add a charm until I complete all three. (one down, two more to go :) )

love the color and cute charms
After that, we headed to Megamall, had a super late lunch at Bonchon (was not able to take pictures because we were so hungry..hehe!).
We saw the Ninoy Aquino Photo Exhibit at The Atrium, and the Ninoy caricatures done by different artists (some were sold already! )

what i wore: poloand bag-thrifted, tank top and denim shorts-fashion market, belt- genevieve gozum, shoes-crocs

joaquim enjoying the view :)
Then we had an early dinner at Gotti's Ristorante, Jhe was craving for pesto so we ordered Grilled Chicken pesto and their contadina pizza. Even Joaquim liked their pesto :) and we also liked the pizza, our first time to eat a pizza with grilled sliced eggplant toppings! :)

while waiting for our food

That was our Saturday! :)
Need to sleep now...


It's all in the layering...

Here at Yaya Chique, we are all about "layering" not only with the clothing...but, as you can see we are also about "layering the jewels"!

The best thing about the jewelry here at the Yaya is over 98% of our jewels are priced under $40.00!!!!  I only purchase "1" of everything, and when it is gone...it is gone.  That is why we get new shipments in every week!!!!

I'm so pumped up!

 "Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless." - Mother Teresa

 "Kind words are a creative force, a power that concurs in the building up of all that is good, and energy that showers blessings upon the world." - Lawrence G. Lovasik


Good vibes, come on!!!


On a different note...

I miss wearing my pumps! Any high-heeled schoes for that matter...
After having Joaquim, I always opt for flats or flip flops because when we go out I will be carrying him and lugging a huge diaper bag! :)
It's been three years since I'm out of the corporate world.
Also, it's been a long time since I had a night out...
But maybe, since my baby is now a big boy I can start wearing heels again when we go out...I wish :)


sheer button down shirt: thrifted
shorts and shoes: fashion market
belt: genevieve gozum
accessories; landmark, market2

Off to school...

I feel like a little schoolgirl whenever I'm wearing this plaid shirtdress. :D

Isn't it fun to reminisce those school days?.. the quirky professors, the cramming, and of course bonding with friends from school. :)
Sometimes Jhe and I talk about our college days, 'coz we've been classmates since our freshman year!
And our love story began towards the end of our sophomore year..kilig! chos! haha!

shirtdress and bag: thrifted
shoes: City Girl
accessories: market market


Simone's Fashion Closet: Coconut Gold's Anya Pretty Satchels Giveaway

Denise of Simone's Fashion Closet is having a fabulous giveaway
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Bohemian Vibe

Love to twirl around in this skirt! :)

Digging the turban headband!
Would love to wear one when I go out but Jhe is giving me the "Are you sure" look!
"It's a trend!" I retorted
He said he doesn't see anybody wearing them...but I do!
Channeling the free spirited bohemian in me and say "I don't care, I wanna wear this. I would wear a turban. Period.

scarf/turban: thrifted
accessories: DIY, market2x, bazaar
basic white tee: fashion market
maxi skirt: from my sister
sandals (not seen): fashion market


Drowning Equilibriums: Big Birthday Blowout: Chocolate Schubar x DE Giveaway!

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Sunday is Dave's Day!

Joaquim's play time at Dave's Funhouse that is! :)
After waking up yesterday, I told Jhe that I want a Mcdo breakfast, so we decided to go to Market Market to eat, go to mass, let joaquim play at Dave's and do our groceries. Took a quick shower and just grabbed clothes from my closet so we can eat first before attending mass.

After eating we went inside to attend mass, but unfortunately, Joaquim was so excited to play, he was fidgety and was crying we were not able to hear mass :(
Lesson learned: don't go to mass there or else joaquim will just throw a fit.
So we just waited for Dave's to open and leave joaquim to play and then shop for groceries.

joaquim having a great time! :)
 Made a quick stop at the department store and I was able to buy two cocktail rings..sweet!

ignore my awkward hand :P
Took an outfit shot while waiting for Joaquim :D

i look haggard na! hehe!

So that was our Sunday! :)

top and pants: fashion market @ market market
watch: gifted by jhe
accessories: forever21 and market market dept store
bag: sophie martin
flip flops: landmark


Voguely Van's: International August Giveaway!!! (Bag, Bowtie and Bangles)

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3-tone faux ostrich skin satchel

a set of blue, black and silver bangles

dotted red bowtie

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Yes, I'm Back!

I was MIA for a long time because last April, Joaquim got into an accident at home, broke his arm and was on cast for a month in a half, couldn't take my eyes off him after that. Thankfully, all is well now and he's now in preschool! :) And because of that, I have two hours all to myself! hehe!
And with this comeback, I want to show another side of me...
The fashionista side. chos! :P
I enjoy reading fashion blogs and have been greatly inspired by fashion bloggers. So I figured, I can also be an inspiration, somehow... :)

So here is my very first outfit post:

As I've said from my very first post, I like ukay (thrift)!, so I came up with this all thrifted ensemble (except for the shoes and accessories). I really dig the blazer and shorts look! I love how a blazer can make you look polished and put together even in a t-shirt and shorts. :)

blazer, shirt, short: thrifted
belt: genevieve gozum
shoes: b club
accesories: forever21


Yaya Diva's Chillin'

Yeppers, it is HOT here in Houston, but Lucy & Ethel are definitely lookin' cool here at the Yaya!

Shopping Goodwill for Back-to-School

It is hard to believe that summer is coming to a close, but our children will be heading back to school in no time flat. The month before school is always such a busy season of preparations as we stock up on our school supplies, pick our cool character backpacks, get our new school shoes, and select our school uniforms for the year.

Goodwill might not be the first place you think of when you are doing your school shopping, but if you are a family on a budget, it can be a fantastic resource for families during this expensive season in our lives.

Today I wanted to share with you just a few ideas for items to look for at your local store that you may not have thought of before.

Stock Up on a Back-to-School Wardrobe: Goodwill carries loads of name brand items that can get your kid's year started out in style and with your budget in mind. Name brand jeans, t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, coats, dresses, pants, and leggings can all be found at Goodwill for a lot less than you would pay at the mall.

For stylish girls that need a little persuading to shop at Goodwill first, I recommend having them pull together a style file or poster board with their favorite looks from their favorite magazines for this year's season. Encourage them to come up with a list of their top pieces that they would like to start the school year out with and challenge them to replicate the looks that they created in their style file with pieces from Goodwill. Issue a fun reward for them if they come under budget like a gift card to their favorite store or even an actual piece from the style file that can add that extra sparkle to their Goodwill wardrobe.

For children that are required to wear uniforms, like my own, Goodwill often has uniform pieces for a fraction of the price than you would pay retail. I keep my kid's clothing sizes on my phone so when I see a particularly great deal on an item at the store, that I know exactly what sizes to buy when I see them.

Embrace Refashioned Style- Refashioned pieces and handmade accessories are the latest rage this year. You may not think of Goodwill as a fabric store, but I do! No matter what the size of the item, look at the pieces as material to create chic back-to-school accessories out of items that you purchase from the store.

Consider using pieces from Goodwill to make items like a fabric flower pin that could accessorize your daughter's hair or clothing, try using fabric to create rolled rosette rings for a cute accessory, whip up cute ruffled t-shirts from the clothing at your store, or add a leather label to your son's backpack or hat with his initials burned in.

Half of the fun for me is thinking outside the box with items that might be overlooked and creating new pieces that will make your children the envy of their classmates. The possibilities are endless at the store and every day is a brand new day with daily donations coming in.

Get Those Back-to-School Papers Organized- The one thing I dread the most about school starting is the unbelievable amount of papers that come home and the homework paper trail that comes with it. Start thinking now about what types of systems you would like to use to control the paper chaos in your home and jot down the items you would like to find at your Goodwill store.

Items like magazine organizers, binders, hooks, storage ottomans, and baskets can be found at the store and I love to really hunt on the sale days for these items. When doing the rest of your back-to-school shopping this year, be sure to visit the Housewares section of the store to see what you can find to house the paper chaos in your home.

Stock Up for Teacher Gifts- I love to spoil our teachers, but I also love to do it on a budget. Goodwill is my favorite store to look for cute elements to add to our teacher gifts throughout the year. The store offers a plethora of gift baskets, mugs that can be painted and filled with treats for our favorite teachers, jars to package our favorite drink mixes, and adorable plastic containers that can be filled with bath salts for a fun gift to give.

You may also be surprised to find that there are many fabulous items that are new and still in their package that could be stored away in your gift closet for the holidays or Teacher Appreciation Day.

I hope this entry gives you just a few fun ideas to begin saving for the back-to-school season with Goodwill. Be sure to take advantage of their wonderful sales and find new ways to save at your store today!

What items do you buy for the back-to-school season at your local Goodwill? We would love to hear what you love to hunt for this time of year! Please share!

Style Me Hired looking for applicants.

100 unemployed women will receive
 complete makeovers  on 'Sept. 26. 
 You can be one of them!

 Marc Voci, founder of Style Me Hired,  and owner of Marc Voci Salon and Colorbar in Ridley,  The Career Wardrobe and the Omni Hotel at Independence Park are partnering  to launch Philadelphia’s first and only makeover event providing 100 unemployed women become transformed so they can re-enter the workforce.

Twenty five,  salons across the region will participate.  the makeovers, which will change hundreds of lives. Women who are currently unemployed and actively seeking employment can apply to win a Style Me Hired Makeover at www.stylemehired.com. Sponsorship opportunities are still available for salons who want to join Style Me Hired.

Voci is championing this cause. “Makeovers empower women,” Voci said. “Unfortunately, women who are out of work don’t always have the resources they need to transform their look. I’m excited to see the local beauty industry come together to create such amazing synergy.
"We are thrilled to be working with The Career Wardrobe and other regional partners like Marc Voci who are dedicated to improving the lives of women. The Omni Hotel at Independence Park is committed to being a caring partner in the community. We look forward to great success and to making this an annual project," Chris Laufer, Director of Sales and Marketing.
The Career Wardrobe is the nation’s largest independent non-profit organization serving women transitioning into the workforce. Since 1995, they have assisted over 70,000 women. The organization will be outfitting each makeover winner with a professional outfit to compliment her makeover.
Career Wardrobe Executive Director Sheri Cole sees this makeover program as a step in the right direction for her clients. “Makeovers are all about change and improvement,” Cole said. “Style Me Hired winners will have a considerable leg-up during their job hunts and interviews. We appreciate the Omni Hotel’s generous support in this community relations program.”

Voci created the first Style Me Hired event in December of 2010 with five local women receiving makeovers. “The first event was so well received that we knew we needed to do it again on a much larger scale,” Voci said.

Women who are currently unemployed and actively seeking employment can apply to win a Style Me Hired Makeover at http://www.stylemehired.com./ Online, women can upload a current photo and share their stories, all of which will be considered during the selection process. Women can also send their picture along with contact information and their story to Marc Voci Salon and Colorbar, at 448 MacDade Blvd., Folsom, Pa., 19033.


Some of the newest Fall looks at Yaya Chique!

Media Fashion offers biker chic to back to school!

Sorella Boutique, Little People’s Consignment Shop, Hannum's Harley-Davidson and the Delco SPCA are partnering  at the Trolley Track Fashion Show tonight , Wednesday, August 10 during Dining Under the Stars in downtown Media. Fashions worn by Main Line Models  will range from women's trend designer sportswear to evening wear, biker chic from  Harley-Davidson  and back to school children’s clothing.

Furry cute adoptable dogs and cats from the Delco SPCA, in  Media, will be on hand  so attendees who dine under the stars at their favorite Media restaurant can find an animal companion to love forever.
For those who love to ride or dream of riding a Harley, your dream may come true.
 Hannum's Harley-Davidson will display the latest 2012 motorcycles with an opportunity to enter a raffle to win a new Harley-Davidson on Oct. 22.

beating the heat…fashionably speaking

It has been so HOT outside this summer that the outside temperatures are leading to some questionable fashion choices.

You know what I mean…bathing suit tops worn as regular clothing, short shorts in the work-place. It is hard to determine what to wear when it is so stinkin’ hot! I mean, I get it…I don’t want to sweat through my clothes, and I want to do what I can to be somewhat comfortable.

I have been giving this a lot of thought, and have come up with some simple tips on beating the heat…fashionably speaking.

1. Dress in layers. It seems that would not be the answer to beating the heat, but the secret is to keep the layer closest to your skin a natural fiber (like cotton or linen). The layers will allow you to take off a jacket or sweater when you are outside, but still have your shoulders covered inside…covering your shoulders is the most appropriate for the office. And, you can pick up simple cardigans at Goodwill for about $5.00

2. Dress in a dress! Or a skirt. Dresses and skirts are infinitely cooler than pants or shorts. If skirts aren’t your thing, and you are worried about investing in something like that just to keep cool…skirts and dresses run about $5.00

3. Loosen up! Simply stated, stay away from tight or clingy things. The more floaty the fabric and style is, the cooler you will be!

4. The color story. Keep the color of your clothing light. White is best. Remember that darker colors absorb light (heat) and lighter colors reflect light (heat). Every little trick helps, right?

5. Skip the beach. At least, the beach clothes, for work. The general rule of thumb (regardless of the outside temperature) is if you would wear it to a picnic, to sleep in or to the beach…do not wear it to work. This goes for flip flops too.

I’d love to answer it, AND to send you a coupon for 30% off the next time you visit one of our local Goodwill stores! Simply post your question in the comment section of this blog post, and we will randomly choose a few of your questions as winners! Be sure to include your email address so that I can get in touch with you to get the coupon into your hands!