Sunday is Dave's Day!

Joaquim's play time at Dave's Funhouse that is! :)
After waking up yesterday, I told Jhe that I want a Mcdo breakfast, so we decided to go to Market Market to eat, go to mass, let joaquim play at Dave's and do our groceries. Took a quick shower and just grabbed clothes from my closet so we can eat first before attending mass.

After eating we went inside to attend mass, but unfortunately, Joaquim was so excited to play, he was fidgety and was crying we were not able to hear mass :(
Lesson learned: don't go to mass there or else joaquim will just throw a fit.
So we just waited for Dave's to open and leave joaquim to play and then shop for groceries.

joaquim having a great time! :)
 Made a quick stop at the department store and I was able to buy two cocktail rings..sweet!

ignore my awkward hand :P
Took an outfit shot while waiting for Joaquim :D

i look haggard na! hehe!

So that was our Sunday! :)

top and pants: fashion market @ market market
watch: gifted by jhe
accessories: forever21 and market market dept store
bag: sophie martin
flip flops: landmark