Yaya's Gone "Hip"!

Not to be outdone by Ethel, Lucy wanted her picture taken to show everybody just how "hip" she can be!  All of the bags and caps are handmade...no two are alike!!  Not only great to run around town with, but great for the teenagers for back to school bags!

LOVE'in these hobo bags!

Cute messenger bags....

and let's not forget the caps!

Goodwill Fashion Day - Saturday August 6th in Rochester!

The girl's have gone "Hip"!

Ethel and Lucy have decided that this week they are going to go "Hip"!  LOTS of new great clothing and jewels for the summer...let's celebrate that it is almost time for the kids to get back to school, and you finally have some time for you!  And what better place to celebrate your "soon to be freedom time"---than at the Yaya!

Wait until you see Lucy! 

Great new tops...to be worn with shorts, jeans, skirts or even as a swim suit cover up!

And TONS of new turquoise!!!

This one is for all you "rockin' moms" out there!!!

Even though we mainly concentrate on clothing & accessories....I ALWAYS have some pretty cool "art" and gift items to choose from.

Hope to see you soon at the Yaya!!!  Stay cool....xo...the Yaya

Fun Ways to Save at Goodwill

Little Shopper

In last month's blog entry, I shared three surprising things you might not know about your Goodwill donations. I really wanted to shed some light on what possibilities your donations hold for Goodwill and how much of an impact even one bag of donations means for the company.

Of course, I am also a frugal girl at my very core and while donating is very important to me, saving money when I shop is just as important. You would be correct in thinking that Goodwill is a fabulously frugal place to shop, but what you might not realize is that there are big ways to save, that can maximize your shopping dollars further. Even in places like Goodwill, I would rarely shop without a coupon because I want to get the absolute best bang for my buck.

Here are a few easy ways to save on your next Goodwill trip. After all, who wouldn't want to get a little more in their shopping cart for a little less?

Fit & Function: Go Go Shopper

Take Advantage of Store Sale Days- Goodwill offers lots of great savings to their customers with discount shopping days for senior citizens and the general public. Discount days can be anything from a set price for a bag of items to a designated fifty percent off day in the store. Before you plan your next shopping trip, visit the Sales Calendar on the Goodwill website to discover which days to hit your local store and save big.

Sales days are the busiest days at Goodwill so I have learned over the years that it is good to still have a shopping strategy in place. I begin by jotting down a list of things that I am specifically looking for when I shop. Next, I arrive as soon as the store opens so that the selection is at its premium and to avoid the crowds that may develop later. Third, I take a reuseable shopping bag with me when I go. With sales days being the busiest days at the store, shopping carts can be at a premium. Bringing my own shopping bag not only saves me from taking home one more plastic bag, but it also helps me carry what I need up to the register without having to maneuver around the people with my cart, or holding all of the items in my hands. Keep one of these tucked in your car and you will be very glad you did for these occasions!

Additional event promotions are featured on Goodwill's Homepage and feature Goodwill's own fashion blogger, Kathy Friend, who assists the Goodwill store with fashion events for the entire family. When you make donations on the days that Kathy arrives, you can receive her services and consultation at a discounted price, just for cleaning out your closet!


Join Michiana Goodwill Boosters- Michiana Goodwill Boosters is truly a Michiana hidden treasure that you will be happy to discover if you are a regular Goodwill shopper. For a mere $5, you are entitled to coupons for $5 off of a $10 purchase for every single month of the year. Basically, after you pay your $5, you will recoup your investment with just one coupon of the twelve you receive for your shopping throughout the year at Goodwill. Not only do you save $5 each month, but Michiana Goodwill Boosters also enjoy special discount shopping days. Instead of battling the crowds on 50% off days, you would be entitled to exclusive sale days just for members.

To join Michiana Goodwill Boosters, simply inquire at the checkout counter to register your membership. It is a $5 investment worth making to save your family money all year long.

Goodwill Doug

Make a Donation- One of the easiest ways to score savings at the store is to stop by and make a donation. An employee will happily hand you a tax receipt when you drop your items off at the Goodwill Drive-Thru Donation Center. The bonus, that makes the trip and decluttering your life entirely worth it, is that our Michiana Goodwill Stores attach a coupon to your tax deduction form that will save you a percentage on your next shopping trip.

Many times when I make a donation, I park the car and head right on in with my coupon to take advantage of my savings. Anything that gets me organized and helps me save on my shopping is a very good thing, in my book!

Check the White Board- Each day shopping at Goodwill is like a brand new adventure. Not only is the merchandise fresh daily, but the savings are fresh daily too. I always check the white board at the front of the store that will tell me the specials that day. Specials can be anything from pink tagged items, to toys, to books, to housewares. When you see the sales happening that day at the store, try to focus your shopping efforts on the deals highlighted, and you will come away with a lot of great stuff for very little money.

There is no excuse to not save money at Goodwill! For more great shopping tips visit the website for additional ideas on how to save and navigate the store.

Photo credits- Please click on the photos to access the photographer's Flickr pages.

What are your favorite ways to save at Goodwill? Any tips for new shoppers from our regulars?

Even though it is sooo HOT here in Texas....

it is nice and cool at the Yaya---and I ain't just talkin' about the cool AC or the cold iced tea and water!  Look at some of the new treasures that Lucy and Ethel are fighting over to wear....

xo...the Yaya!

Cover up on City Streets

Photos Courtesy of Bing Images

I know you are beautiful and you have worked out all winter for that toned body but still walking down the street in your bikini just isn't the way to go.
                  Only five-year old youngster can get away with it.
                  I know you love those whistles and catcalls from weird men in big trucks but there are no excuses with all the awesome cover ups around to be strutting around town with your derriere hanging out. You wouldn't walk around naked would you? 
Well if you are walking around town after being at the pool in your bathing suit, you might as well be naked. Please don't wrap a  beach towel around you. Why add pounds where you don't want them.
  You can still look hot!!!
If you are fifteen or  eighty  there are so  many cool looks  out  there to chose from and you'll still get those catcalls  and whistles.
     Scarves or shawls wrapped around your waist covering the rear gives you a bit of mystique that all men love. Long bohemian dresses in bright prints or colors are great too matched with a great pair of sandals. Cute terry cloth rompers are easy to wear and pull up over that wet swimsuit. A cute little mini dress looks great and will take you anywhere you want to go. You will look oh so cool.
Keep Styling in Delco!

What is black and white and.....

LOVED all over Yaya Chique???? Here is a very small sampling of what the girl's put out on the floor today!!!


LOTS of cute tops!!!!

and as you know here in Texas, we have to have our gorgeous

straw cowboy hats to help block out the unbearable sun! (LOTS of different styles)

We also got some beautiful rhinestone/crystal cross and fleur de lis visors in several colors...but, battery ran out so will get pics next time.

Now make sure you run over to the Yaya so you don't miss out on all this "flying" out the door....

xo...the Yaya

Stevie has arrived!

My style and designs have always been referred to as a very "Stevie Nicks" style....could be because I grew up the late 60's and early 70's as a "hippie". And now even at my age, I still have to have my "Stevie" style! (FYI: I remember an interview with Stevie asking her where she got her look, and she said that she was about to go on stage in some back roads bar and this young girl walked by all decked out in layers, upon layers of lace and jewels---and that is when she had her "aha" moment! It was then and there that she knew what her "look and style" was going to be from there on out. And the rest is history!)

So, for all you ladies that LOVE this look....we have everything you need at Yaya Chique to get your "Stevie Nicks" look going....and then some!

Okay, this one has a tutu....gotta have a "Texan" twist to this look!

See ya soon! XO... The Yaya

Life's A Beach!

As you can see, summer is in full "swing" here at the Yaya! This outfit Lucy is wearing is a "Free Size" which means fits most ladies. I have several of these and I wear them at the beach, the lake and even just sitting around the pool at home! You are going to LOVE these!!!! (We have several different bright and vibrant colors and of course all the jewels you could ask for. Oh wait, do I hear the question..but, what about the flip flops???? Now you know I wouldn't forget you on that one!

I have these gorgeous gypsy sandals being shipped to the store today...

Now these beauties are on back order and will ship the end of this month!

Now you know here in the Bayou City along the gulf, we wear sandals and flip flops pretty much all year long; heck, we even wear our cowboy boots during the summer (without socks)! So, here is what I have coming the end of August!!!! The Yaya just has to have her turquoise!!!

Now, you didn't think being a Cajun from Louisiana that I could resist these???

Hope to see ya soon! xo....the yaya

Summer pleasures at the Yaya!

We are getting ready to change the theme in the windows this week, but wanted to show you what Ethel and Lucy have been up to the last few weeks.....Gypsy summer done the Texas way!

cutest tan dress with metal studs!!! LOVE it...

Rockin' black studded/tulle dress with graphic vest

a mainstay at the Yaya---Cuffs, cuffs and more cuffs!

and no Yaya outfit is complete without one of our FABULOUS rings!

Stay tuned as Ethel and Lucy head for the beach in all their "beach attire"! And details will be coming for our monthly "Girl's Night Out with the Yaya" on July 21st!

xo...the Yaya!

And a GREAT big thank you to my staff for all their hard work and lovin' the Yaya!

Hair tips for those hair raising days of summer

Bing Images

Summer weather can play
 havoc with your hairstyle
Here's some tips on how to survive it all.

Frizzy Hair
Humidity in this area can be so thick that the straightest hair can frizz up.Use a smoothing cream mixed with thick hair gel or glossing serum.

Flat Hair
 You know what I mean... hat or helmet hair.  Spray on some root volumizer and  create a little  lift by blow drying upside down. Hair spray will maintain the shape.

Oily Hair
Shake powder into your palms and run your hands throgh your hair starting at the roots.  The powder will absorb the oils. Work some mousse into the roots creating volume. You don't have to wash your hair everyday especially if you blowdry it.  The oil in your hair is a natural conditioner.  That doesn't mean not washing it at all but every other day or two is fine.

On the Beach or by the pool.
Spritz your hair to protect it from the elements with sunscreen. Mix one teaspoon of sunscreen lotion with SPF of 25 or highter with 1/2 cup of water in a spray bottle. Spritz every hour.
Braid it or tie it into a bun to keep it from frizzing up. 
 Use a conditioner you can leave in. It will deep condition your hair while protecting it.
Wear a hat or a bandana to cover your hair especially if you've color it. It will protect the color and also keep your scalp from burning.
Keep Styling in Delco!!!