Hair tips for those hair raising days of summer

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Summer weather can play
 havoc with your hairstyle
Here's some tips on how to survive it all.

Frizzy Hair
Humidity in this area can be so thick that the straightest hair can frizz up.Use a smoothing cream mixed with thick hair gel or glossing serum.

Flat Hair
 You know what I mean... hat or helmet hair.  Spray on some root volumizer and  create a little  lift by blow drying upside down. Hair spray will maintain the shape.

Oily Hair
Shake powder into your palms and run your hands throgh your hair starting at the roots.  The powder will absorb the oils. Work some mousse into the roots creating volume. You don't have to wash your hair everyday especially if you blowdry it.  The oil in your hair is a natural conditioner.  That doesn't mean not washing it at all but every other day or two is fine.

On the Beach or by the pool.
Spritz your hair to protect it from the elements with sunscreen. Mix one teaspoon of sunscreen lotion with SPF of 25 or highter with 1/2 cup of water in a spray bottle. Spritz every hour.
Braid it or tie it into a bun to keep it from frizzing up. 
 Use a conditioner you can leave in. It will deep condition your hair while protecting it.
Wear a hat or a bandana to cover your hair especially if you've color it. It will protect the color and also keep your scalp from burning.
Keep Styling in Delco!!!