TREND WATCH - Tangerine! Wear Spring 2012 in style!

This season, the IT color is tangerine (a fancy name for bright orange). This bold hue is such a fun color to add to your wardrobe!

There are 2 ways to wear this color successfully. The first way, is to make the tangerine piece of clothing the focal point in your attire. In other words, if you choose to wear a tangerine jean or sweater, then the other pieces should be more subdues and understated.

The other way to wear a bright is to make that the accent of your outfit. So bring in some tangerine with accessories: jewelry, handbag, shoes. Or, get a grosgrain ribbon in this bright hue and use it as a belt with your jeans and simple tee!

Stay tuned over the coming days for more TREND WATCH reports!

Little, by little....

the showroom and studio is coming together!  Here is a quick peek as things begin to take shape....
Leading into the studio

Looking towards the showroom from the studio 

Just had the shutters put into the windows!   

More progress to come soon!

Construction is now complete!

The construction crew has completed everything I wanted them to do...since mid January!  Now I need to put all the "decor touches" in place---YIPPEE!!!  As things get done, I will be showing you all the wonderful inspiring displays!

Here is a start...
The wall behind the counter area

Part of the counter area 

The beautiful French shutters that I got from France
and had them made into door for the dressing room!

 another one of my "faux" walls I had built

See ya soon!

Thank you Associated Newspapers of the United Kingdom!

Just got word that my work was shot on Demi Lavoto for the United Kingdom "You Magazine"! 

As you know, yesterday was "Fat Tuesday" at Yaya Chique---and it was a great time had by all!  I don't think I sat down until after 6:30pm.  Thank you to all my dear sweet Yaya ladies that came to celebrate with me!!!  Wait until you see what is going on in the store....for the next time you visit (never a dull moment at the Yaya)!

But, in the are a few of the treasures, in case you haven't been in lately!


‘Promalicious’ Expo makes dreams come true !

Promalicious, the area’s first and largest Prom Expo for PA, NJ, and DE, is holding its inaugural event with an aim to enhance the prom experience for thousands of high-school students, while also working to allow a few others to simply have one.
The event will take place at the Ramada Philadelphia Airport in Essington from noon to 4p.m. on Sunday March 25.
Promalicious, a free Expo for students, will combine the hottest trends in music, fashion and entertainment for the upcoming prom season with multiple charitable causes and fundraising foundations.
For students all over the country, prom is a rite of passage. However, for the children of St. Christopher's Hospital, attending a school dance might not be an option this year.
Promalicious hopes to change that by granting the patients their wish for a night they can remember by allowing them to experience the same memorable event that their classmates will be enjoying. Proceeds from the Expo will be used to hold a sponsored prom for the children of St. Christopher’s Hospital, allowing them the chance to attend a dance they can call all their own.
While those in attendance search for their own perfect dress or tux during the two scheduled runway shows featuring a live DJ and food and drink, Fairy Godmother’s, Inc. is challenging high schools to donate used dresses, tuxes and suits that can be re-worn by less fortunate students at their own proms. The school that donates the most clothing, making the proms of others more memorable, will do the same for itself as a celebrity will make an appearance at the winning school’s prom.
High Schools should register their school for this challenge by emailing
Promalicious founder, David Smith will represent and spread the ideals of The Melanoma International Foundation, asking attendees to sign a pledge to stay out of the tanning beds and the sun in favor of Airbrush (spray) tans, a process proven to be much safer for users.
Additional sponsors include David’s Bridal, Philadelphia Wax Museum, Unique Limousine Concepts, Venus Beauty Academy, and Blast DJ’s.
For more information about Promalicious or to become a sponsor or vendor at the Expo, visit or contact Jessica Scott at 215.693.6177 or

Yaya's designer showroom....

Here is some of the "new looks" here in my showroom and studio....That's right, my jewelry and clothing is now available at Yaya Chique!  Finally had some time to design some for the studio!!!

See ya soon....xo..debi

How To Make T-Shirt Flowers

Today I wanted to share with you an easy and fun project you can create from some common items that you can find at your local Goodwill Store. Today's inspiration came from a bag of clip on earrings that I found when browsing through the jewelry section of the store and the sea of endless t-shirts in every variety of color that you can find on their racks.

For this project you will need a t-shirt (any size), spray paint in a contrasting color, clip on earrings, hot glue, glue sticks, scissors, a piece of card stock to make your template, and one piece of felt.

  1. To begin, you will need to cut out eleven circles out of your old t-shirt. I used a large circle punch and created my template out of scrap card stock. You could also just trace a lid to a canning jar, if you don’t have a circle punch handy.

  2. Grab your piece of felt and cut a heart out for the base of your flower or you can cut a simple felt circle.

  3. Let’s make some flower petals. Fold your circle in half as shown.

  4. Fold up one side of the circle that has been folded in half.

  5. Fold up the other half of the halved circle and have it meet with the other side to form a petal.

  6. Now hot glue the seam just a tiny bit together where the petal is gathered and then hot glue the end of the petal to the felt heart.

  7. Repeat this with all four ends of the heart.

  8. In the spaces left, fill in with three or four more petals.

  9. Spray paint your clip on earrings in your favorite color. Allow this to dry.

  10. Remove the back of the earring with a pair of pliers. Hot glue the earring to the center

  11. On the back of your fabric flower, you can attach a simple jewelry pin that you can find in the jewelry section of your favorite craft store.

  12. Wear your thrift store pin proudly!

Have you ever done anything fun with thrift store t-shirts? Feel free to share your ideas for ways you craft with Goodwill supplies here. We would love to hear them!

Thank you!!!

The "World Happy Day" at Yaya Chique yesterday was GREAT!  Just wanted to thank all you ladies for venturing out on such a cold day to come and share this special day with me here at the store....we had lots of great food, drinks and door prizes.  The ladies shopped until "I dropped"!!!  In fact, the last  customer walked out the door after 7:00pm!!!  So, it was a full fun-filled day and I want to say "thanks"....a very special thanks to my dear friend Michelle who not only stayed up with me until 1:00am in the morning cooking (since I was in the store all day), but then surprised me by showing up the next morning to help me set it all up!!!  Now THAT is a TRUE ya girl!

(thank you card from the vintage Cavallini collection)

Don't forget.....when we reach "170" Fans on our Face Book page, there will be another great Yaya give-a-way!

See ya on "Fat Tuesday" (2/21) to celebrate Mardi Gras!!  xo...debi

It's Rodeo time in Houston!

For all  you ladies gearing up for rodeo here in Houston, here is one of many of my favorite looks (which of course can be worn really anywhere!)  And the best news is.....the skirt and the shirt are both under $52.00 each!!!...and even better than that??? MADE IN THE USA!!!!  Just pair it up with one of our gorgeous vintage distressed Corral or Old Gringo boots----and you will be the envy of the rodeo!

 and even prettier are the details on the back.....

Don't forget that our "World Happy Day" is this Saturday from 10:00am to 6:00pm....with great food, drinks, door prizes every hour and of course GREAT shopping!!!!

See ya soon.....

A stroll through the Yaya....

as we continue to work on the look for the store....I thought I would give you a peek as to where we are right now!  (Our lights won't be completed until next week...but, we did get the new architectural pieces displayed!  I will take pics of that for next week...) You can see that I turned out the "over head" lights since it is pretty bright in there and doesn't work well with a digital camera!