Preparing for 2012!

Another year has past for Yaya Chique, and it was a very good year----now onto 2012!

There is only 4 more hours of our "final sales days" tomorrow, and then the items left on the floor will be donated to the "Mercy House"!  Starting on Monday, we will start "reconstruction of the decor" and getting all the new treasures ready for display.

As usual, the style and look for Yaya Chique has always been "Romance on the Bayou"----otherwise Bourbon Street meets Paris!  Our first window display for the year is "Love Letters" and the colors are rose, cream, gray and brown.....I can't wait for you to see it.

I must say though, that "Lucy & Ethel" will be retiring this year and the new "ladies" will be French mannequins (think 1920's)....It has been fun getting to put the "girls" in some pretty great predicaments....but, it is time to go back to my roots when I started up in 1994!  BAYOU ROMANCE!!!

So adieu to Lucy & Ethel---it has been fun!

Lucy in her "romantic attire"

Ethel during one of her "Halloween" moods

Have a beautiful and safe New Year....and see ya soon!

What's your signature piece?

Start the New Year with a signature piece. Your signature piece! Yes we all like to look like we stepped off the runway, well maybe. You always have to tame those looks a bit. This 2012 think of celebrating you. Make your own statement about fashion just like Princess Catherine, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez or Lady Gaga to name a few.  Please don’t wear meat though you don’t want the animal activists to spray you with red paint.

When you think of Princess Catherine the image that comes to mind is elegance. When you think of Jennifer Lopez you think flowing curves. Jennifer Aniston is put together with a causal air that’s very metropolitan. When you think Lady Gaga, you think, let’s say outrageous but definitely a style that is individually hers breaking all the rules. So what makes your style you?

Do you love to wear pins? Bold, Art Deco, or Victorian,  that pin on your coat says something about who you are and what you love.

Are you a scarf person? No outfit is complete until you drape that silk, cashmere or cotton scarf around your neck whether you are wearing a dress or jeans.

Maybe it’s the belt accenting those curves. Big and bold or chain links wrapped around your waist or hips saying look I’m a girl. Look at me.

What about dangling earrings? Those long diamonds hanging frame your face or do you choose small diamonds that you always wear along with those dangling earrings?

Maybe it’s a fragrance that you will wear no matter what. You walk in a room, leave and people know you were there. They inhale deep trying to catch a whiff of you as you run off to your next affair.

Fashion is all about you so make it work in 2012.
Decide on your signature piece and let the world
know who you are.  Keep Styling in  Delco!  Happy New Year!!!


Now that Christmas has past...once again---

and now is the time to get something special for yourself!!!  Our HUGE sale ends this week with ALL items in the store priced below my costs!!!!  We will be open this Tuesday thru Friday from 10:00am to 6:00pm and then on Saturday we will close at 2:00pm for New Year's Eve.  Then whatever is left on the floor will be donated to charity, "The Mercy House".

Here is a small taste of what is to come for 2012!!!

Merry Christmas to all....

Thank you to ALL our loving customers, that have supported Yaya Chique over the past years!!!

We will be closing tomorrow (Christmas Eve) at 2:00pm and will reopen on Tuesday....don't forget that everything on the floor right now has been marked down BELOW my costs, so that we can make room for all the beautiful new treasures for 2012!!!!

I will be meeting with my contractor next week to talk about all the new "looks" I will be doing in the store....can't wait for you to see the "fresh new look" coming next year!

xo.....Debi, Greg, the boys, Amanda & Ida

Show your love....

One of the new things we will be doing at Yaya Chique, is getting our customers "involved" in our displays....and we are going to start with
I am asking our customers to email me what they "Love" about Yaya Chique either in a letter or a picture!  Use your imagination!!!  Because we will use these letters and/or pictures in our "January" display windows.....and everyone that enters will have a chance to win a door prize!  And I will also be giving away a $50.00 gift certificate to use in the store to the person who sends us the most "creative" love letter!  I will not be choosing these, my staff will.  The deadline to receive the love letter is January 15th when I will be decorating the store front windows for February (the month of LOVE).

I know all you ladies are creative---so have FUN with this!!!

Christmas is fast approaching...

and we are ready here at Yaya Chique! 

Our "12 Days of Christmas" was loved by all, and we were able to give-a-way some GREAT treasures!!!  Our "Christmas on the Bayou" party, last night, was a HUGE success....lots of ladies, great food, drinks, Cajun Christmas music and shopping.  The ladies brought TONS of new treasures for the women of "Mercy House" and we were able to give a nice size check (10% of our sales yesterday) to such a great cause....A loving thank you to EVERYONE for their love and support to not only Yaya Chique, but to the "Mercy House".

Now, we prepare for the "end of the year" and get ready to start bringing in all the new treasures for rodeo, romance, and early spring!  Here is some new goodies we got in, if you didn't make it in last night for the party, make sure  you stop by to finish up those "last minute" shopping gifts for not only the loved one in your life---but for YOU!!!

One of my FAVS!!! I have this whole outfit...and I only bought a few of each size.  You are going to LOVE this complete look just as much as I do!

Now this is a GORGEOUS denim/lace skirt with a denim/gray crystal studded shirt and cardigan that is a MUST!  Especially for rodeo coming up...and what is even better---the skirt is only $30.00!!!!  Just look at all the details in the whole outfit!

Thrifty Ways to Package Holiday Gifts

I love to wrap gifts creatively for the holidays and am always on the hunt for cute ideas for embellishing gifts without spending a lot of money.

You may not have thought of Goodwill as a great place to find items for adorning those holiday gifts, but it is the perfect place to check for creative gift wrapping solutions.

Here are a few of my favorite creative ways to wrap gifts for the holidays!

Wrap it In Wallpaper- I love to hunt for wallpaper when I do my Goodwill shopping because it is such a beautiful (and durable) way to wrap your gifts. Hunt for patterns that can double for your holiday wrapping and for all of those other special occasions. I can usually find huge rolls of wallpaper for a dollar or less and it lasts me forever. You can make each gift unique by switching the colors and styles of your bows and use this paper for years to come.

Use a Wallpaper Border- Wallpaper borders are also a wonderful way to wrap your gifts, particularly for the small jewelry boxes or for recovering small gift tins. The best part about using wallpaper borders for small packages is how easy it is to work with when wrapping small boxes and it costs just quarters at Goodwill!
    Upcycle a Vintage Tin- Old vintage tins can make the perfect packaging for your favorite holiday treats. Recover the tops with scrapbook paper or vintage wall paper. I also love to use cans of spray paint in bold colors for making tins monochromatic.

    Wrap it in Maps- Maps can be a really unique way to wrap those gifts. When visiting in different cities and areas, be sure to pick up some maps from the visitor’s bureau and save them for wrapping your presents. To make gifts more personal, save maps from your special trips or places that you would like to remember.
    Likewise, you can save maps from the recipient’s local area and wrap them in that. Maps can also be printed for free from places like Google Maps or MapQuest.

    Wrap them in Fabric-Look at Goodwill for great fabrics to use to wrap your gifts in over by the table linens and bed linens at the store. You can easily make a no-sew bag using hot glue and the fabric. Leave the top of the bag open and tie it up with a little bit of ribbon. This would be a great way to wrap items that tend to be more difficult to wrap because of their odd shapes.

    Make the Wrapping a Gift in Itself- Don’t forget that your gift itself can also be used to wrap your present. For example, a pretty scarf can be used to wrap a new pair of gloves or an apron can be used to wrap a new dishtowel set. Look at your gifts as wrapping elements and see how you can use them.

    Add a Small Embellishment- Add a special element to finish off your gift that you have found when doing your Goodwill shopping. For Christmas, I love to find mini-ornaments to use to decorate my gifts. For other occasions, you can tie something little that goes along with the theme of the party. Be creative and it can add another dimension to your gift.

    Gifts wrapped in newspaper

    Wrap it in Newspaper- Newspaper is a great way to wrap gifts and can also be tailored to the recipient. For example, I love to wrap children’s gifts in the comics section of the paper. This is a fun and frugal way to wrap their gifts and, let’s face it; kids do not care about the expensive gift wrap anyway. Likewise, you can use different sections of the paper to go along with that person’s particular interests. For my favorite finance guy, I love to wrap the gifts in the Business section and add a Monopoly Money gift tag. Similarly, a foodie might enjoy a gift wrapped in the Food section and a whisk tied to her gift. Go nuts with the themes- it makes your gifts completely unique and more interesting to open.If you have children, have them get in on the decorating fun. Let them decorate computer paper or large sheets of construction paper to wrap your gifts in.
      vintage greeting card gift tags
    Repurpose Old Greeting Cards- Save the greeting cards that you receive and make new gift tags out of them. I save cards that I receive that have interesting pictures on them for these kinds of occasions. You can hole punch them and loop them through with ribbon or mount them to card stock and add an extra layer with stamps around it.

    What are some of your favorite ways to creatively wrap gifts? Have you found anything at Goodwill that you wrap your gifts with? I would love to hear your suggestions!

    Photo credits- Please click on the photos to access the photographer's Flickr pages.

    And the winner was....

    Leslie Lawson  of our 11th day of the Christmas give-a-way!  Tonight is the final drawing of a $50.00 gift certificate for anything in the store!  Thanks to everyone for joining our new Face Book page!

    I know, I know...why would I possibly already be thinking of spring & summer, when Christmas has not even gotten here yet?  Well, in the fashion business that is part of our job...we have to think into the future.  The year of 2012 has been one of controversy and fear...but, here at Yaya Chique and my design lines, I am thinking more of "romance & simplicity"!  So, wanted to give you a quick peek into my "mood board" for the upcoming spring & summer fashion you will be seeing...not only at the store but in my designs!

    Of course, it will still be all about "Mae West meets Stevie Nicks", with my twist on it.  Can't wait for 2012!!!  It is going to be a GREAT year with LOTS of beautiful and inspiring treasures here at Yaya Chique & debi lynn designs!

    Shine this Holiday Season

    Shine on this Holiday Season


    It’s all about the sequins, the lace,  the feathers , the faux fur.
     Tis the season to shine. Glitter is the rage be it on your nails, your ears, your shoes or your belt
    . Wake up the night and shine this holiday season . If buying a new dress isn't in the budget you can glam it up with sequined feather earrings or great colored nail polish with a shimmer.  Top off those jeans or jeggings with a sparkly belt and add some great shoes and a faux fur vest. Accessories can always save the day and glam up that old dreary outfit.  You got it girl. The holidays are yours!

    But what about those Christmas parties. Sometimes getting dressed feels fabulous. A little black lace dress with a vintage feel takes the day. You  never can go wrong with the black dress. 
     Sequined strapless dress by Sherri Hill  is a definite show stopper as is this peek-a-boo sequin dress. Add some great shoes and a clutch. You are ready to claim the night.  Keep Styling in

    And the winner is....

    Joni McCants of our 10th day of the Yaya's give-a-way!!!  Congrats Joni!

    Ladies, don't forget to RSVP for my annual "Christmas on the Bayou" this Thursday, Dec. 15th from 7:00pm until 9:00pm.  There will be lots of great food, drinks, Cajun Christmas music and a loving gift from myself & the staff!  Please don't forget to bring an "unwrapped new gift" to donate for the ladies at the Mercy House!  Yaya Chique will also be donating 10% of the total sales for that day to Mercy, please help us show our love and support for these women during their time of crisis!

    I can't believe we only have "2" more gifts to give-a-way!  Tomorrow night I will announce the winner of our 11th day give-a-way of the Yaya's "12 Days of Christmas"!  Once again, it is TURQUOISE!!!  A stunning antiqued silver/turquoise necklaces, with matching earrings, a gorgeous turquoise/silver ring and to top it off...a set of turquoise  & silver bangles!!! 

    All you have to do to be join us on our Face Book page and become a "fan"!  Good luck everybody....

    And the winner is.....

    Debbie Brown of our 9th day give-a-way! Congrats Debbie!!!

    Wow, only 2 more days left of our "12 Days of Christmas" give-a-ways.  Here is what Yaya Chique is giving away tomorrow night....

    A beautiful angel (made from recycled paper) and a lovely Christmas book plaque!

    You can play to win not only this lovely gift for Christmas, but we have 2 more great gifts to come---all you have to do to be eligible is become a "Fan" on Yaya Chique's Face Book page!

    And the winner is.....

    Abbey Bryan of our "vintage inspired" treasures!!! 

    The 9th day of our "12 Days of Christmas" give-a-way will be tomorrow evening---and it is a beauty!  This one is for all you "jewelry lovers" out there...

    A lovely antiqued silver/onyx cross necklace, earrings and a stunning cuff!

    All you need to do to be a part of the drawing is to become a "fan" on our Face Book page!

    And the winner is....

    Liz Vanderhider of our beautiful collection of turquoise jewelry!

    Now for all you that LOVE the look of "vintage" is YOUR chance to win our 8th day give-a-way for the "12 Days of Christmas"!!!

    All you have to do is become a "Fan" of our Face Book page to be included in the drawing!!!  Good luck...

    Yaya's winner of the 6th day give-a-way....

    is Babs Benton! Thanks to everyone that has shown their love and support to not only myself, but to the store, Yaya Chique---I couldn't do it without all of you throughout the last  18 years!

    Tomorrow we will be giving away beautiful treasures that the Yaya is known for (besides our Stevie Nicks clothing styles) and that is our TURQUOISE!  Some lucky winner will receive a gorgeous antiqued silver turquoise necklace, earrings and bracelet!!!

    So run over to our Face Book page and hit "Like" so that YOU have a chance to win this beautiful set of jewelry!!!  Good luck everybody!!!!

    Pinterest - great for Goodwill repurposing ideas!

    Have you heard of Pinterest? According to the website:

    What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard. Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.

    It is addicting.

    As I was poking around on the site the other day, I found this:

    Some GREAT ideas on snazzing up Goodwill finds for the holidays! Check this out:

    Glitter holiday shoes!

    I am in love with this shirt, and desperately searching for someone who can sew to help me recreate this look for the holidays. Picture it with an oversized chunky fishermans sweater, sweater knit tights and boots. SO CUTE!

    And finally - don't you LOVE LOVE this? A t-shirt quilt! What a great gift idea!

    Thanks GoodwillIndy for posting such GREAT things on Pinterest!

    Yaya's 5th Day give-a-way of the "12 Days of Christmas"!

    Gail Fein was our winner tonight of our 5th day give-a-way....and tomorrow night we will announce the winner of the 6th day give-a-way of the "12 Days of Christmas"! 

    A beautiful mercury/crystal ornament drop and two adorable felt/crystal snow lady ornaments!

    And just think...we are only 1/2 way through our "12 Days of Christmas" give-a-ways!!!  All you have to do to win one of our great packages is "Like" our Yaya Chique Face Book page....and if you bring anyone "new" that also becomes a fan, then YOU get your name in every time you send someone (more chances for YOU to win!!!  Just make sure they tell us that YOU send them...)  Good luck everybody!!!  

    Yaya's "12 Days of Christmas"....

    Our winner tonight of our 4th day give-a-way

    was Beth AC Hammer (and I don't believe is her true last name), but that is how it is listed on Face Book.

    Now onto our 5th day give-a-way to be drawn tomorrow evening!

    a crochet sweater for your bottle of wine, crochet ornament and a sweet Christmas bird!

    In order to be eligible to win our gifts, all you have to do is "Like" our Face Book page!  Good luck and will see ya tomorrow....


    3rd Day of our Christmas Give-a-Way....

    I forgot to post this...sorry!  This was our 3rd day of the "12 Days of Christmas"....and the winner will be announced this evening around 10:00pm CST....

    We had a family funeral today, so I am late posting the 4th day of our "12 Days of Christmas" which will be:

    a leather/crystal buckle wallet and a dark chocolate crystal cross studded cashmere scarf/shawl!

    To have a chance of winning this beautiful collection---all you need to do is to become a fan on our Face Book page!  Good luck....

    2nd Day of Yaya's "12 Days of Christmas" Give-a-way!

    A beautiful distressed metal frame, carved resin bird on a pedestal and a wonderful distressed tin candle (made in the USA) "Campfire Scent"...what I love about this candle is that once it burns down, you can use the canister!!!

    To be eligible to win this great give-a-way (valued at over $45.00), just join us on Yaya's Face Book page as a fan!  The drawing will be done this evening....Good luck!

    First day of our "12 Days of Christmas" give-a-way! is time for our first Christmas give-a-way!   All you have to do is run over and "like" our Face book page to be included in the drawing----and the more times you send your friends to "like" our Face book page, the more chances YOU have to win!

    Vintage inspired angel journal and 2 carved wood angel ornaments!

    Good luck! (drawing will be this evening)

    What to do with ties

    A few months back, I became obsessed with ties. I saw a skirt that someone had made out of old ties, and decided that I needed to have one. Thing is...I have no skill with a sewing machine, so the notion of having all these great "tie" things has been dashed (insert big sigh...).

    But I am sure many of you have been blessed with the crafty-gene, so here are some great ideas:

    OK, really? How adorable is this? Adding this tie detail to the collar of a tee? INGENIOUS!

    Love the notion of re-purposing not only ties, but this vintage chair. So cute!

    Yes, this dress is made out of ties! Can you imagine? LOVE IT!

    This is so creative! What a great holiday gift for that guy who has everything!

    This skirt is so cute, and the thing I like the most is the face that the ties don't look like ties!

    Thanks Pinetrest for the images and ideas!