And the winner was....

Leslie Lawson  of our 11th day of the Christmas give-a-way!  Tonight is the final drawing of a $50.00 gift certificate for anything in the store!  Thanks to everyone for joining our new Face Book page!

I know, I know...why would I possibly already be thinking of spring & summer, when Christmas has not even gotten here yet?  Well, in the fashion business that is part of our job...we have to think into the future.  The year of 2012 has been one of controversy and fear...but, here at Yaya Chique and my design lines, I am thinking more of "romance & simplicity"!  So, wanted to give you a quick peek into my "mood board" for the upcoming spring & summer fashion you will be seeing...not only at the store but in my designs!

Of course, it will still be all about "Mae West meets Stevie Nicks", with my twist on it.  Can't wait for 2012!!!  It is going to be a GREAT year with LOTS of beautiful and inspiring treasures here at Yaya Chique & debi lynn designs!