What's your signature piece?

Start the New Year with a signature piece. Your signature piece! Yes we all like to look like we stepped off the runway, well maybe. You always have to tame those looks a bit. This 2012 think of celebrating you. Make your own statement about fashion just like Princess Catherine, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez or Lady Gaga to name a few.  Please don’t wear meat though you don’t want the animal activists to spray you with red paint.

When you think of Princess Catherine the image that comes to mind is elegance. When you think of Jennifer Lopez you think flowing curves. Jennifer Aniston is put together with a causal air that’s very metropolitan. When you think Lady Gaga, you think, let’s say outrageous but definitely a style that is individually hers breaking all the rules. So what makes your style you?

Do you love to wear pins? Bold, Art Deco, or Victorian,  that pin on your coat says something about who you are and what you love.

Are you a scarf person? No outfit is complete until you drape that silk, cashmere or cotton scarf around your neck whether you are wearing a dress or jeans.

Maybe it’s the belt accenting those curves. Big and bold or chain links wrapped around your waist or hips saying look I’m a girl. Look at me.

What about dangling earrings? Those long diamonds hanging frame your face or do you choose small diamonds that you always wear along with those dangling earrings?

Maybe it’s a fragrance that you will wear no matter what. You walk in a room, leave and people know you were there. They inhale deep trying to catch a whiff of you as you run off to your next affair.

Fashion is all about you so make it work in 2012.
Decide on your signature piece and let the world
know who you are.  Keep Styling in  Delco!  Happy New Year!!!