Preparing for 2012!

Another year has past for Yaya Chique, and it was a very good year----now onto 2012!

There is only 4 more hours of our "final sales days" tomorrow, and then the items left on the floor will be donated to the "Mercy House"!  Starting on Monday, we will start "reconstruction of the decor" and getting all the new treasures ready for display.

As usual, the style and look for Yaya Chique has always been "Romance on the Bayou"----otherwise Bourbon Street meets Paris!  Our first window display for the year is "Love Letters" and the colors are rose, cream, gray and brown.....I can't wait for you to see it.

I must say though, that "Lucy & Ethel" will be retiring this year and the new "ladies" will be French mannequins (think 1920's)....It has been fun getting to put the "girls" in some pretty great predicaments....but, it is time to go back to my roots when I started up in 1994!  BAYOU ROMANCE!!!

So adieu to Lucy & Ethel---it has been fun!

Lucy in her "romantic attire"

Ethel during one of her "Halloween" moods

Have a beautiful and safe New Year....and see ya soon!