Christmas is fast approaching...

and we are ready here at Yaya Chique! 

Our "12 Days of Christmas" was loved by all, and we were able to give-a-way some GREAT treasures!!!  Our "Christmas on the Bayou" party, last night, was a HUGE success....lots of ladies, great food, drinks, Cajun Christmas music and shopping.  The ladies brought TONS of new treasures for the women of "Mercy House" and we were able to give a nice size check (10% of our sales yesterday) to such a great cause....A loving thank you to EVERYONE for their love and support to not only Yaya Chique, but to the "Mercy House".

Now, we prepare for the "end of the year" and get ready to start bringing in all the new treasures for rodeo, romance, and early spring!  Here is some new goodies we got in, if you didn't make it in last night for the party, make sure  you stop by to finish up those "last minute" shopping gifts for not only the loved one in your life---but for YOU!!!

One of my FAVS!!! I have this whole outfit...and I only bought a few of each size.  You are going to LOVE this complete look just as much as I do!

Now this is a GORGEOUS denim/lace skirt with a denim/gray crystal studded shirt and cardigan that is a MUST!  Especially for rodeo coming up...and what is even better---the skirt is only $30.00!!!!  Just look at all the details in the whole outfit!