Cover up on City Streets

Photos Courtesy of Bing Images

I know you are beautiful and you have worked out all winter for that toned body but still walking down the street in your bikini just isn't the way to go.
                  Only five-year old youngster can get away with it.
                  I know you love those whistles and catcalls from weird men in big trucks but there are no excuses with all the awesome cover ups around to be strutting around town with your derriere hanging out. You wouldn't walk around naked would you? 
Well if you are walking around town after being at the pool in your bathing suit, you might as well be naked. Please don't wrap a  beach towel around you. Why add pounds where you don't want them.
  You can still look hot!!!
If you are fifteen or  eighty  there are so  many cool looks  out  there to chose from and you'll still get those catcalls  and whistles.
     Scarves or shawls wrapped around your waist covering the rear gives you a bit of mystique that all men love. Long bohemian dresses in bright prints or colors are great too matched with a great pair of sandals. Cute terry cloth rompers are easy to wear and pull up over that wet swimsuit. A cute little mini dress looks great and will take you anywhere you want to go. You will look oh so cool.
Keep Styling in Delco!