Stevie has arrived!

My style and designs have always been referred to as a very "Stevie Nicks" style....could be because I grew up the late 60's and early 70's as a "hippie". And now even at my age, I still have to have my "Stevie" style! (FYI: I remember an interview with Stevie asking her where she got her look, and she said that she was about to go on stage in some back roads bar and this young girl walked by all decked out in layers, upon layers of lace and jewels---and that is when she had her "aha" moment! It was then and there that she knew what her "look and style" was going to be from there on out. And the rest is history!)

So, for all you ladies that LOVE this look....we have everything you need at Yaya Chique to get your "Stevie Nicks" look going....and then some!

Okay, this one has a tutu....gotta have a "Texan" twist to this look!

See ya soon! XO... The Yaya