Yes, I'm Back!

I was MIA for a long time because last April, Joaquim got into an accident at home, broke his arm and was on cast for a month in a half, couldn't take my eyes off him after that. Thankfully, all is well now and he's now in preschool! :) And because of that, I have two hours all to myself! hehe!
And with this comeback, I want to show another side of me...
The fashionista side. chos! :P
I enjoy reading fashion blogs and have been greatly inspired by fashion bloggers. So I figured, I can also be an inspiration, somehow... :)

So here is my very first outfit post:

As I've said from my very first post, I like ukay (thrift)!, so I came up with this all thrifted ensemble (except for the shoes and accessories). I really dig the blazer and shorts look! I love how a blazer can make you look polished and put together even in a t-shirt and shorts. :)

blazer, shirt, short: thrifted
belt: genevieve gozum
shoes: b club
accesories: forever21