I wanna be protected...

I wanna be protected from Cervical Cancer.
From the pamphlet , I read that 80% of women gets infected by HPV (human papillomavirus) once in their lifetime, and this virus causes cervical cancer and everyday 12 Filipinas die of cervical cancer. Which is so alarming, but good thing that this can be prevented by getting vaccinated.
I had my first dose of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine against cervical cancer earlier. I will need two more doses to be fully protected. And I think, every woman should know more about this. :) Ask your OB-gyne about HPV vaccine.

just got vaccinated! :)
I was also given an immunization card and a reminder bracelet with three charms. So, for every dose I receive, I will add a charm until I complete all three. (one down, two more to go :) )

love the color and cute charms
After that, we headed to Megamall, had a super late lunch at Bonchon (was not able to take pictures because we were so hungry..hehe!).
We saw the Ninoy Aquino Photo Exhibit at The Atrium, and the Ninoy caricatures done by different artists (some were sold already! )

what i wore: poloand bag-thrifted, tank top and denim shorts-fashion market, belt- genevieve gozum, shoes-crocs

joaquim enjoying the view :)
Then we had an early dinner at Gotti's Ristorante, Jhe was craving for pesto so we ordered Grilled Chicken pesto and their contadina pizza. Even Joaquim liked their pesto :) and we also liked the pizza, our first time to eat a pizza with grilled sliced eggplant toppings! :)

while waiting for our food

That was our Saturday! :)
Need to sleep now...