Ten things you can do to break out of the winter doldrums

All photos courtesy of Bing Images
 I don't know about you but I am really feeling a bit gray after this winter cold dreary white snow everywhere. Luckily the sun has been breaking through a bit.
But here's some ideas to get through the next blast of winter left.

Paint your nails.......Every  color any color. What about yellow or orange?.  Have fun. Try the two colors  and different designs. I found some dual nail colors you can mix and match at the dollar store. The brushes are smaller so you can use your artistic skills and make fabulous  designs.

Try highlighted hair pieces. You can buy them in wig and hair shops. Clip them to your hair giving you a sun-kissed look without the permanency of salon highlights. 

Add some bracelets. Yes even with those sweaters and long sleeve shirts. Mix and match wearing up to five. Yes I know we all wear bracelets in the summer to take away the focus from those jiggly jello bare  arms You will feel  glamorous.  Women bejeweled. And since its still winter you have some time to work on those arms.

Wear lipstick. Go to a beauty counter at Macy's and find out what lipstick is right for you. Look at old Marilyn Monroe movies. What made that woman so beautiful? Besides the blond hair and the mole...LIPSTICK! Try it.   

Get a pedicure. I know it's not summer. No one is looking at your feet but aren't your feet feeling a bit rough around the heels. Yes, yes I agree we need warm comfy socks and boots and not peekaboo shoes. But what a pick me up to look at those gorgeous feet in the shower. 

Buy yourself some fresh cut flowers. Put them in a vase, open up the blinds and  bring Spring into  your home. Even bring them to work to share with the office. Everyone will be in a good mood.

 Take a mental health day and go to a museum in the city or stay home and
watch old movies. Life was simpler then.Yea for happy endings. Check out the fashions too. Weren't woman ah so glamorous in the forties?
Okay so you have to stay bundled up. Coats, hats, long johns. I feel your pain but here's a tip from Paris.Wear delicate lacy lingerie under those heavy clothes. Remember its what's inside that counts and that's true even with clothes.     

Exercise, I know, I know. Love it or hate it but you can't leave it out of the equation of feeling good.
Grab the i-pod and get on the treadmill. Do yoga. Do Pilates. All this can be done at home.  Just do it as the old Nike campaign goes. Come June remember those jello arms......gone. 

And last but not least go shopping with some friends, check out the new spring fashions, plan your summertime look. Spring is only a month and a half away. Have a glass of wine, eat lunch and just belly laugh. Spring is only a month and a half away.
Keep Styling in Delco!