Keeping Mosquitoes Away

Joaquim really hates it when he gets bitten by mosquitoes! He would throw a tantrum when he gets bitten while sleeping! He also have scars from scratching these mosquito bites (asar!).
I don't want to apply products on Joaquim's skin that are dangerous because of harmful chemicals, that's why I opted for an all natural mosquito repellant.

giga baby insect repellant spray
We are currently using Giga Baby insect reppelant spray, I bought it from Sesou Market Market. It's priced at P185.00 for 100ml. Its ingredients are: fruit extrat distillate, water, lemongrass oil, patchouli oil, lavender oil and PPG. I like its lemon grass scent! (most of the other repellant smelled of citronella, which i'm not a fan of :-P) It's good in keeping mosquitoes at bay, the only downside is that you need to apply it frequently. You need to re-apply every 2 to 3 hours. You can even spray this on linen! I spray this on our bedsheet! :) And this can also be used to repel other bugs and insects.
Aside from this, we aslo bought other gadgets. hehehe!

Akari insect killer

We bought an Akari Insect Killer for  P300+ from Ace Hardware. What it does is it attracts mosquitoes with the light and heat its emitting, then they get electrecuted when they make contact. This works best when it's the only light turned on.

baygon electric plug-in mosquito repellent and mats

We also have the Baygon electric plug-in mosquito repellent (the one that uses mats). Can't remember how much the plug-in costs but the mats are about P2.00 a piece. One mat is good for 8 hours and it can protect an area of 12ft x 12ft. It does not emit fumes and the scent is not that strong.

Our windows are already screened, next project a screen door! :)