Wearable Art at Tyme Gallery

You have to check out this line of wearable art exclusively at Tyme Gallery in Havertown by Nina Leon, a Broomall resident.

Nina Leon has been working in the field of wearable art for several years. She began making
 one-of-a-kind jewelry and has had her work displayed in many local galleries.

“I have always loved working with color. It doesn’t matter if it is paint or beads. I approach them both the same. I use either medium as a means to create.

To me, beads are just like paint and jewelry is just like a  canvas," said Leon.

Leon won the Silver Medal for Fire Mountain Gems eleven times. She teaches beading at various workshops.

A breast cancer survivor, Leon was commissioned to design the 2007 commerative pin for the Amonea Corporation called Wings of Life. Nina chose a butterfly motif as an artistic expression for  breast cancer awareness pin based on symbolism.

"Not only is it a sign of rebirth, a butterfly is able to dance on the wind and soar high above the ground. They are free and spirited, providing us with an amazing sense of wonder, beauty, and childlike joy. As far as we can tell, they aren't worried about how long their lifespan happens to be, they are simply living in the moment! I felt the pink ribbons work perfectly in the spread wings by expressing a sense of expansive delicacy, innocence, and unfettered freedom,"
describes Leon.
This describes the delicacy and beauty of her pieces at the gallery. For more info you can contact Tyme Gallery at madametyme@tymegallery.com or stop by the gallery at 17 W. Eagle Rd in Havertown.
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