A girl's guide to looking good in freezing temperartures.

I hate winter. I hate the cold. Layering and layering and heavy coats are not my idea of fashion savvy but no matter how much I want the cold to go away and put back on those sleeveless tops. Its just not happening.
 So here are some ideas to brighten up that pea-jacket, ski jacket or lined leather coat you faithfully wear each year. Scarves in  brilliant colors like yellow, green and red or off whites will liven up that coat.They don't have to necessarily match your gloves. 

  Leather gloves in bright colors like hot pink  or black studded or bow tied can break up  that humdrum winter look. 
 I am not a fan of hats but as we all know hats keep you warmer as the temperatures dip in the teens.
 So go for a faux fur brimmed hat and matching gloves to set off that coat.  Hats  will keep you toasty.

 One more thing don't forget the pooch. A scarf and hat will brighten up his or her day too.
Keep Styling in Delco!