My dolling up essentials =)

Inside my make up kit, you will find...

 not much! hehe =)
  just these...
my dolling up tools :)
 my four beautifying tools :)

Lewis & Pearl body and face powder in White Blush
>it's cheap! just P17.00
>keeps oil at bay
>oil control can last up to 4 hours

Sophie Magic Pink Cream
>love love love! =)
>just P70.00
>staying power is really good
>gives me a "just exercised glow"

Mentholatum Lip Ice Sheer Color
>just P145.00
>the color adjusts to the color of your lips
>you need to re-apply after a couple of hours

Human ♥ Nature Organic Lipbalm in Watermelon
>just P59.75
>really moisturinzing
>not sticky

These are all I need to look blooming whenever I go out :)
without anything on
and after

after 4 hours, doing house chores
I do own a few pieces of make up, but being a SAHM, I rarely use them.Maybe when joaquim is older and mommy can have a night life again..hehe =)
hmmm...really need to do something about my dark eye circles...