Our anniversary trip in bohol

Last 02/28/11 was our 4th wedding anniversay. We usually celebrate by going out and eating in one of our fave resto but we decided to make this different.
We decided that we should have an out of town trip.
So we decided to go to Bohol because of all the good reviews from people who already went there. Right after that, I read the Bohol thread on Girltalk to get ideas on how to do a DIY trip.
Girltalk was a great help on making this trip successful, with all the input of my sisses there :)

This was joaquim's first plane ride and mine too! hehe! I was quite apprehensive on what his reaction would be, but it all went well, the only problem is that he doesn't want to wear the seatbelt! We need to distract him so we can put his seatbelt!
lollipop as distraction! :-D
We had a smooth flight and joaquim only realized that he rode a plane when we were getting off from it. He was really amazed and can't stop looking at it, he didn't even care when we were taking pictures!
At Tagbilaran airport, we were approached by Kuya Dennis and offered to take us to our resort. While on the way he asked if we already booked someone for the countryside  tour and we told him we already got the services of Kuya Tatsky (recommended by many gtalkers :-)). To our surprise he said that he actually worked for Kuya Tatsky, so he said that he will ask him to just assign him as our driver. And since he seems nice, we agreed.

We stayed at Alona Tropical Beach Resort, we got their fan room for P1.320.00 plus P300 for an extra person because my brother in law was with us. The room is really nice and clean, the staff are also very accomodating. We enjoyed our stay there.
Oh, I miss Bohol and I hope we can go back as soon as we can! :-)

have a good one!

(our coutryside tour on my next post)