Easter candy gone, Time to begin.

Here it is the 2nd of May. Of course I am running late on tips to get in shape. I am still eating the Easter candy. Definitely not a good thing. So today we'll start. Swimsuits here we come! No more Easter candy even though a little bit of dark chocolate isn't bad for you.
 Here are some super foods to eat and make your diet staples.
Almonds and other nuts ; Build muscles and reduces cravings
Beans and Legumes;
Another muscle builder, it helps burn fat and regulate digestion.
Spinach and other green vegetables;  It neutralizes free radicals, molecules that accelerate the aging process.
Dairy Products fat free or low fat milk, yogurt, and cheese; Builds strong bones and fires up weight loss.
Instant oatmeal(unsweetened and unflavored) ; Boosts energy, reduces cholestrol and maintains blood sugar levels.
Eggs; Builds muscles and burns fat.
Turkey and other lean meats; Builds muscle and strengthens the immune system.  
Peanut Butter; Boosts testosterone, builds muscle and burns fat
Olive Oil; lowers cholestrol and boosts immune system
Whole grain breads and cereals;  Prevents body from storing fat
Extra protein(whey) power; Builds muscle and burns fat
Raspberries and other berries; Protects heart, enhances eyesight improves balance, coordination, and short term memvory; prevents cravings.
Incorporate two or three of these foods into each meal and at least have one of them as a snack: You'll be on your way to swimsuit beauty.
Fitnesss Tip
Start walking with purpose even its only 15 minutes a day. Just start.
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