Biker Chic this Fall

It’s riding season, motorcycle riding, that is. So what do you wear? How can you look chic and still ride safely?

I went toHannum's Harley Davidson Hannum’s Harley Davidson to get the scoop on looking good for those who ride a Harley and those who ride bitch (that’s bike talk for riding on the back). Grace Carnevale can help you out. She’s got the gear to keep you styling.

At Hannum’s I found there are three important things to keep in mind when riding; a helmet for your head, boots to keep your balance and most important being visible to traffic. Your helmet should be DOT approved. That means approved by the Department of Transportation. It could be the saving grace you need if you ever take a spill on your bike. Helmets come in different colors and prices. Some have shades that you can pull down to keep the sun out of your eyes. Others cover your full face.

Boots, girls we all love boots. But riding boots are unique for they have a harder toe and should go over the ankle. It helps when you shift so the toe is protected and won’t feel the pain. The boot takes the brunt of the shift and keeps the ankle straight. For a passenger, a higher heel is good so you can reach the bars to rest your feet on.

Sunglasses are important too. They should wrap around your eyes so your eye is protected. At Hannum’s if you bring in your prescription they can order the glasses you want so you always have great vision.

It’s good to be visible especially at night. So Harley Davidson has put reflective material on some of the outer jackets they sell. You want to be shine in the dark basically. Bright colors are warranted to keep you safe. When riding, always think safety first. One jacket has Illumination of 360 degrees so you can be seen from nearly every angle. They have Hi-Vis jackets and vests in orange and yellow. I know what you are thinking ladies, but remember you can’t be styling if you aren’t alive.
There is also the Rider Comfort System. It’s a three part system consisting of a base layer for moisture management, a mid- layer for extra insulation and an outer layer for protection. And for those who want to be warm and toasty as they ride on 32 degree and below days you can even plug into your bike or a rechargeable battery bike to keep warm. Leather chaps will also keep you warm Hannum’s has a great selection. Yes warm and toasty is good on a cold day on a bike.

Leather gloves are a good investment. Padding is what makes the difference between regular leather gloves and riding gloves. It helps with the shifting and pulling the brake and the clutch. So now that we have the basics down

I know you are asking what about fashion? How do I look styling on the bike or off? After the run, I want to look good.

Pink and purple are big this fall according to Carnevale. The Black Label Dark Custom line is new featuring pre-washed black denim trimmed in purple. The Pink Label has a philosophy true to most bikers: On this road, no one rides alone. This collection is gear and apparel with a purpose. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this collection is donated to National Breast Cancer Organization. The collection stems from tee shirts to even a leather jacket. Adding pink brightens up that all black biker look and helps out others. At Hannum’s you can find clothing for the petite woman to the full figured woman. Leather jackets sold at the store are guaranteed for 5 years.

Men’s clothing line features the Wille G insignia, a skeleton for those who don’t know who Willie G is. Honestly I didn’t. Men can find leather coats, sweaters shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, enhanced visibility clothes, tee shirts and even golf shirts.

Even the pup is styling in his Harley Davidson gear.
Keep Styling in Delco. Ride safe!