We are getting there.....

The painters have completed all the painting today and when I left, they were putting up the new dressing room made from old screen doors!  (Never fear, there will be gorgeous material placed on the "inside" so no one can see ya changing).

I started out in this business as a professional artist back in the early 80's and I still love doing art...just never seem to have the time! And when I got into jewelry and fashion accessory design...I always made sure that my art was included into my studio in some form or fashion.  I have ALWAYS been about "presentation"....and after 32 years, that still hasn't changed.

Four years ago when I moved the store to be closer to home, I always put "re-purposed" fashion and home decor in the store along with the 'buy & resale",.....and this year is back to some of the basics of my art and designs...in both fashion and home decor!

I have hired a wonderful young lady, April, who is from New York and has a degree in visual merchandising and textile design.  We are excited to have her and her talent at Yaya----and the customers are going to not only see our beautiful treasures in fashion & jewelry that we have always been known for...but, we will be doing some "re-purposing" of clothing, home decor, and jewels, etc....a TRUE inspiration for all!!! 

I promise to send out an invitation to all my customers, as soon as we are "ready to go"!!!  So, keep in touch so that you know when we are ready to "CELEBRATE"....our new look for 2012!