This week's "Inspiring Woman"!

As you already know, my store and design line is "by, for and about women"---and I am asked all the time, "What inspires you?"  That is a pretty hard question to answer in a just a few words....but, what I do know is that our Creator, my family, my friends, and Mother Nature, all inspire me.  But, it can also be women you may have never met in person----yet, you both have made a "connection".

Laura from 52 Flea
This week, I would like to introduce you to an "inspiring woman", that although we have never met in person---we "connected" through our blogs, emails and talking on the phone starting way back in 2009---and we are still friends today!  Laura is an unbelievable lady that inspires and supports women all over the world. 

Yes, she has been published in many popular magazines, has over 3,000 followers, etc...but, what I love most about Laura that even with all this "great validating of her talents"----she still remains "Laura"; a true supporter of women and their dreams!

On her inspiring blog (52 Flea), she will take you along on her many adventures through flea markets, her family lake home, visiting her family & friends in Florida (even though she lives waaaayyyy up north), her home....but, she will also introduce you to all her loving friends, and those that inspire her!

I know you will truly enjoy your visit with Laura----and she will definitely inspire you---just as she does me! 

See ya soon!