Hi! I'm Kath :)

Hope you still remember me :)
I know..five months was so long! I really missed blogging! :)
To explain my absence, well..Joaquim moved to a new school (in the middle of the school year! I briefly mention in my past post about having issues with his ex-teacher )
Back then, I normally do my blogging when he's at school because I get to go home after dropping him off, so I had two hours to do outfit shots and blog. His new school is a bit far away so instead of going home I patiently wait for him there :) and we were always out so, my sched was kinda out of sync..hehe!
Good news though, I am finally able to figure out how I can do this! Got my groove back! :D

I've also created another blog where I share giveaways I found and joined
Hope you can also visit my other blog :)