Photo Diary: Our 497 meters Zipline Experience at Nabuclod

Last Holy Week, we went to my mom's hometown, Floridablanca Pampanga, for a short vacation.
The highlight of our vacation would be ziplining for the first time!! (well, for some of us.. me included :D)
We rented a jeepney to take us to Nabuclod Upland Eco-Tourism Adventure Park.
The fees we paid are:
P10.00 registration fee
P200.00 ($4+) zipline fee
P50.00 rental fee for tables and chairs

other things you can do: camping, biking and atv trails, trekking and climb the 100+ steps grotto
ganito sya kalalim!!
We ziplined overlooking the mountains, then we rode a cable ride to bring us back to the viewing deck.

After ziplining, we also tried this obstacle course, which is not yet open to the public for just P50.00 ($1+) each

the wind was so strong, so I did this barfoot to have a better grip :)

the view is amazing!!

It was an amazing and super fun experience!!
When we go back, i'll try the 1000 meters zipline!!