Put on Some Fun with Glory B Hats

It’s time for hats. Easter is the time to wear your bonnet. But don’t put those hats away the Devon Horse Show is coming, the Radnor Hunt and those Kentucky Derby parties. If you are ecologically correct. Beauty Art Gallery in Newtown Square has just the hat for you.

All hats are original designs by Jennie Hart Robinson, an artist from Georgia who started creating hats at the age of 14. She followed her calling as a milliner and now has a hat business called Glory B Hats. Her hats are made from recycled paper but wait before you turn up your nose, they are so cool. Inspired by nature, they can fit anyone because you can mold them to your head. Robinson’s motto is put on some fun and fun they are.

If you aren’t really a hat person, you can get a whimsie. What is a whimsie? Whimisies are decorated hats but instead the look is attached to a headband. Whimsies give you the feeling of freedom but still give you the feeling of being a lady. Some whimisies are great for future brides going to a bachelor party and are awesome looking for any event.

Princess Beatrice and the Royal family eat your heart out. American women have hats to die for and are saving the earth too.
Gallery owner, Paula Jackson found these hats at an Art show and fell in love with them.

“These are perfect for folks out here. I think they are great for garden parties, bridal showers and equestrian events too. It’s an affordable way to have a unique hat and feel like a princess or a queen. They are so whimsical,” said Jackson. 
Check out the hats and whimises at Beauty Art Gallery at 3857 Providence Rd. in Newtown Square,PA  19073 http://www.beautyartgallery.net/. Keep Styling in Delco!