Lansdowne designer shows off romantic collection

Cari Brezina
Cari Brezina is a young fashion designer out of  Lansdowne PA. A graduate of Moore College of Art Brezina teaches classes at Lansdowne ArtSpace and also had a preview showing of her fashions at the famous Sycamore Tree in Lansdowne this April. Her collections are called Secret Bohemia and you can find her fashions and contact her through her website

  Brezina designs imaginative clothing for kids. She  uses pastels. Her fabrics are sheer  and flowing creating a feeling of freedom and romanticism.

"This is kids clothing that can be worn for a long time with adjustable straps. It can fit  an eight year old or a  49 year old. I like color layering. The dresses have a fairy feeling. You  can twirl in these dresses. Girls  feel like they are floating .My parents are engineers so I am influenced by geometric shapes like triangles and interesting cuts," says Brezina."

 Secret Bohemia clothing is available at the U.S. Designer’s Co-op, located at 323 Arch Street in Philadelphia. You can contact Cari Brezina by e- mail at