Marc Voci brings makeovers to moms too

Surprised with a knock on her door, Dianne Gray-Quinn was greeted by the Style My Mom Makeover Team and swept away to a day of pampering for a special mom. The fourth grade students at St. Madeline School in Ridley wrote an essay on why their mom deserves a free makeover for Mother’s Day. Fourth grade teacher Ms. Carmichael, Father Louis Bellopede and Voci judged the entries. The winner was ten year old, Emily Quinn. She wrote about her mom Dianne Gray-Quinn.

The Style My Mom Makeover included haircut, color, and an image consultation. The lucky mom was chauffeured to the Marc Voci Color Bar Salon where she was made over with television cameras and photographers awaiting the outcome making her feel like a celebrity as her new look emerged. Her makeup was done by Emmy winner makeup artist, Jim DeMarco as Voci styled her hair.

Marc Voci, creator of The Style Me Hired Makeover Show just added a new twist to his creation; Style My Mom Makeover. His team at The Style Me Hired Makeover Show teamed up with St. Madeline School to give one lucky mom a makeover.

“Moms work hard caring for their children and we wanted to do something special for them this year, so we came up with Style My Mom Makeover,” said Voci.

When the makeover was complete, Emily greeted her mom with a big smile and a bouquet of flowers. Emily read her essay to her mom and presented her with a bouquet of flowers. Mom and daughter both were in tears as they hugged each other tight. Little sister Alison, age 7 and her cousin Jessica Drass was there too. Drass from Springfield turned 21 on Mother’s Day and was just as excited as Gray-Quinn’s daughters with her aunt’s new look.

Here is the winning essay written by Emily Quinn about her mom:

My mom deserves a makeover because she works like a slave. I like to do activities so she drives me to girl scouts, dance, swimming practice; and much much more. After school my sister and I need to study so she helps us study and do homework. Also she works 2 jobs. She is a full time mom, she works night shift as a nurse and a part time baking job. I feel bad for her because she doesn’t get enough sleep so it is very hard to do daytime things. The only daytime thing that isn’t hard for her is to love me.

My mom pays taxes, bills and my education. My mother never gets enough time to talk to my dad. She does lunch mom for my sister and fixes most of the problems in the house. She tells me to do all my homework in advance, makes sure I have all my homework done and makes sure we have all our clothes for the next day folded neatly on the beds.

I usually cry over small things. My mother tells me not to cry over small things, loves me, comforts me and does the laundry. I would like to win this because she is super beautiful on the inside, so I want her to be just as beautiful on the outside (even though she is already beautiful on the outside.) She is the best mom ever!

Voci and his team at The Style Me Hired Makeover Show have been giving away free makeovers for years to women who are unemployed and seeking employment.

“It’s such a great experience giving back to the community.” “I have seen firsthand how a makeover can restore a woman’s self-esteem, ”said Voci

Voci and his makeover show are gearing up for two big shows; the first in Philadelphia on September 24th at the Omni Hotel and the second in New York. Voci’s future plans are to spread his makeover magic by going across America, city to city, and change lives one makeover at a time. Women who are currently unemployed and actively seeking employment can apply to win a Style Me Hired Makeover at