Product Focus: Watson's Facial hair Remover

I just want to share this inexpensive facial hair remover I bought from Watson's for P89.00 (less than $2)
Before, I remove my upper lip hair through threading (which hurts big time!!) and waxing (I use strip it)
Good thing I read about this product on girltalk! :)

Watson's Facial Hair Remover
  • portable and reusable
  • no wax, shave or bleach hair removal solution
It's so easy to use! Instruction is written at the back and you can also watch video tutorials (that's what I did :))
No time consuming prep unlike waxing, just remember not to wet the area right after..
Pain is bearable for me..maybe because I'm already used to threading and waxing :)

This is really a good buy!


After reading your comments, I realized that my post is kind of lacking...hehe! :)
So I'll add the instruction on how to use it:
      Bend the spring bar into a U-shape and apply on your skin where hair is to be removed. Roll your fingers in and out and up and down to remove the hairs.

i apologize for this photo..i just woke up :D