Upcycling those Vintage Bottle Caps

So you want to save the earth, you want a great piece of jewelry and you don't want children mining for diamonds or gold. You have to check out these unique vintage necklaces, bracelets and earrings designed by Esther Cohen-Eskin. Cohen-Eskin is a Haverford artist who creates and designs one of a kind bottle-cap jewelry.She has worked as an artist in residence at various schools in the Delaware Valley teaching students to create mosaic murals using found objects, glass, tiles, stones and pebbles.   

A trained glassblower for sixteen years she became a full time personal trainer and runs a boot camp class  in the wee hours of the morning.  Cohen-Eskin creates her own jewelry out of vintage bottle caps and pieces of discarded jewelry she finds.

" I start with vintage bottle caps to create mini treasures. Vintage caps conjure up emotions in people of all ages. From Hires Root Beer to Moxie soda, everyone shares their memories. At first, people are drawn to the intricate worlds inside the caps. They are equally excited when they turn the pieces over to find a blast from their pasts on the backs," writes Cohen-Eskin describing her pieces on her website Creations by Esther.com

"Each item has a history. Starting as an antique piece of jewelry that no longer gets worn, an earring missing it’s mate, or a cherished trinket long forgotten, these parts get put together to become a brand new piece.

Combining my love of found objects and desire to create, this new medium quickly became the perfect match. When I sit down to make these small treasures, time suddenly has no relevance. Hours can go by and my attention never wavers. To me, making these pieces is more of a meditation than work."

Cohen-Eskin will be at the Clover Market at E. Lancaster Ave. in Ardmore on June 3. If you can't make it check out her website, you'll definitely find something love and saving the planet too. CreationsbyEsther.com