BC Bloggers Meme: Things That Make You Happy

"Happiness is not found in seeking more but developing the capacity to enjoy less"

That's actually a part of my intro when i joined ms. associate in business administration back in college!! :D Oh yeah..didn't know why i let my classmates talk me into that!!

But, it is a beautiful quote by Socrates right? well, that's a shortened version of it, but still.. :D

So, here are some of the things that make me happy:

-weekend date with my boys

-seeing Joaquim's smile

-evening "kwentuhan /kulitan" with hubby
-cooking for my family

-family get-togethers

-looking at our photos
-seeing my friends

-eating chocolate/ice cream/cake (yup, i have a sweet tooth)
-thrift shopping :)

So how about you? what makes you happy? :)

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