Summer fashion trends & lovely gradient effects!

I was always into gradient fabric. And it's in this summer fashion trends. I can’t really explain why, but it kinda represents a part of me. Probably because sometimes I’m a real tinder-box, but I always calm down very quickly.
So I made a selection of some gorgeous picks, you can style to your taste.
Here we have random items. While searching, I stuck onto some amazing artists on Etsy. I love etsy! You’ll hear this a lot haha :)
I run my mom’s shop there and I was always fascinated by the number of talents in one place.
When writing this post i tried to find more information on the history of the gradient fabrics, where it all began etc., but unfortunately I didn’t found anything.
Thinking about cooling and refreshing stuff (in Sofia it’s too hot already), I dream about the sea, the wind and Londons weather..haha. Blue is a great color to match your dreams for colder times haha !

      Ok, here are some gradients fashion trends (incorporated not only in fashion industry):

fashion trends
Oceanic blues by BriannaBoutique on etsy

fashion trends
Pastel gradients by LacquerLove on etsy

fashion trends
Swimsuit by Gottex


I can't bypass this piece of art, it's made of bottles and is currently in Rio de Janeiro. Don't you love it?

This is the amazing NHow Hotel in Berlin. I find it really scary, but it's awesome :) Would you rent a room? :)

I've seen some really cool gradients items on ASOS, which unfortunatelly i can't show you, because of the blogger rules. I'm sure you can find them easily. :)
Let me know what you think, which are your favourite fashion trends? Do you have any cooling and refreshing summer products you love?