Worldwide Fashion and Jewelry with Boticca!

Do you know Boticca? I'm sure most of you've heard about them. Boticca is the online boutique for unique jewelry and fashion accessories by top emerging designers from around the world. They also offer gorgeous bags! As you know, I'm a big fan of black color in also large bags with studs, chains, etc. whichever can point out my rock style! For example, this Gabby Black Lamb which you can see below is very stylish and cool. Think about it; you use this bag with your black jeans, tight black t-shirt or body and with your black boots; how sexy! :)

Gabby Black Lamb by Julie K.

You can also subscribe to their style newsletter to get up to $30 off your first purchase! Don't forget, they ship worldwide! And maybe I can offer you a huge giveaway from Boticca very soon, who knows? Just visit their website, and dive into the world of fashion!