The quickest, easiest and most delicious RAW summer smoothie recipe

I hardly get excited on new recipes unless they are really delicious. I've had cravings on something refreshing (we have 36-38 C here), but creamy and sweet.. so isn't a smoothie the perfect combo?
Each time when eating a melon i find how amazingly creamy this fruit is.

But let's have a look on how good actually the melon is for your health?!

*beneficial for your skin, because of the high concentration on fibers, minerals and vitamins (Vitamin A, C, Potassium, Zinc, digestive enzymes, Folic acid and Fiber)
* help to flush out toxins from your body, which cause digestive issues, breathing difficulties and nerve disruptions
* low Glycemic Index (good for your blood sugar)
* great source of potassium and copper

This smoothie will jump into my all time favorites now. Here's the final result:

                                    and with sprinkled crushed walnuts on top:

I've also added ice for more cooling effect.

* cold melon
* food processor / blander
* crushed walnuts / ice cubes

After i cut the melon into pieces and put them in the blander, i squeeze out what's left from the skin as much as i can. You'll be surprised how much juice comes out. Now just bland until creamy smooth.
Add walnuts or other spices of your choice.

I literally finished the whole glass for under 2 minutes, it was soo yummy, i just couldn't help myself! :)

Let me know whether you'll try this smoothie and share with me your favorite so far? :)