Summer Fashion Showcases Your Confidence by Anya Sarre

This is a guest post by Anya Sarre, a celebrity Stylist from

Anyone can feel beautiful this summer by updating just a few simple things in their
wardrobe. Finding the hottest fashion trends for this summer is like a treasure hunt,
and the prize at the end is a girl feeling confident and powerful in her new style. A
few fun and easy tips will keep her fresh and cool all summer long. She can be
trendy, accented and confident without breaking a sweat. From sassy accessories to
sizzling shoes, summer is the time to play up the look!

Trending Now

All over the runway, and available in her favorite
stores, are cool summer colors in mad prints and ocean tones. She can refresh a
current wardrobe by simply adding a cheerful pair of print pants or shorts that go
with any tank or tee. Add a funky necklace and just the right shoes and she is ready
to go. Easy, right? And anyone can have fun pulling off mixed textures. She can try
a lacy top with a pleated skirt and throw in a metallic shoe. This summer she can
love flat shoes, wedge heels, strappy metallic pumps or floral canvas sandals. It all

Accent the Positives

She knows what she loves about herself, and fashion is the way to accent these
assets. Light and airy strappy heels will make those legs look even longer. A pair of
women’s shoes with a heel naturally makes her stand taller, and when she stands
tall, there is power in her attitude. Or maybe she wants all the attention on her eyes.
A bit of bling around the neckline will focus the attention upward so she can look
people square in the eyes and let her confidence shine. She can also find that
natural waist and show it off with any style of belt.

Confidence is the Must-Have Accessory

Whatever her style or personality, it is true that every girl feels more confident when
she looks beautiful. So, she can work the trends and accent what she loves about
herself. Her head will be held high and her summer strut will radiate power. The
boldness of her print will be in the boldness of her walk. The sassy shoes she wears
will put a snap in her step. A summer makeover is just a few items and accessories
away. Feeling pretty will help her feel positive, and the world will be her playground
this summer.

-Anya from