Wild life behind bars and a walk in the Sofia Zoo.

A couple of days ago i and Paul went to the Sofia Zoo. The reason was that I wanted to kinda escape from the city and be more in the “nature”. Apparently this didn’t happen.

I am against zoo parks in general and I think that animals should live in their real habitat, not behind some concrete bars and cages. Especially when it comes to wild animals. So instead of having zoo in every big city, there should be more national parks, where you can pass through with your car and see the animals that run, eat and live and aren’t  just sitting and waiting for the next meal...

Sofia Zoo is not small in territory, but it has small cages for the poor animals, build God only knows how many centuries ago (btw Sofia Zoo has opened in 1888). They don’t have enough space, nor they have enough greens inside them.  I was really disappointed, because nothing has changed to it since I was a kid….
The entry pass costs now 2 leva (1 EUR/ 1,33 USD) and I understand why it is so low (the average salary is low here), but this would never ever help the Zoo to become more comfortable for the animals.  Some wild cats and bears are adopted by big companies like National Geographis for Kids etc. and hopefully this makes their situation a little bit better.

Comparing Sofia Zoo to the Kiev Zoo, well the second one wins. Yes, it is located in the city’s heart and between some flats and nevertheless it is smaller in its territory, the cages are bigger, greener and more appealing to the animals. They try harder to make their living as close to the nature as possible – with more branches, trees and water.

So here some photos and a video of that day.

Sofia Zoo
Trying to bring some fun :)

Sofia Zoo
meet Paul, the ninja (or Kung-Fu Panda may be?)

Kiev Zoo
This is Dasha. She's our favorite bear in the Kiev Zoo.

Kiev Zoo
Cool signs @ Kiev Zoo

Share with us, do you have a Zoo in your home town? What do you think about the Zoos, should they exist?