The worst advertisings lately

Advertising! Is its content important?
Probably everyone of us has seen an advertising on the tv or in the magazines, that followed the question: “How is this possible?”.
I have experienced that so many times, that I’ve decided to write this post.
Throughout the years we’ve seen lots of  big brands done their advertisings with “empty” content. I’ve started asking myself  how important is it actually?
Who makes the advertisings and who approves them?
The idea of creating an advertising is to tell the world that a certain product exists. The main goal is to present a brand in its most recognizable way. We keep it in our minds for a period of time and it doesn’t matter if  the budget is low or high.
Nowadays advertisings are part of our modern lifes and it would be hard to imagine the world without them. But how important is its content?
A few days ago ended the European football championship.
The audience of such big events is huge. Millions of people are in front of their tv’s, watching the matches and the advertisings between them, of course.
What has caught my attention? The videos of Coca-Cola, Chevrolet and Adidas! Coca-Cola was one of the official sponsors of the Championship. Their advertising “officially” won the battle for the worst advertising of the month in my opinion.
I’m sure that I’m not the only one, who didn’t get the idea. I would even say that it is unpleasant to watch. Here it is:

Let’s have a look to the next one – Chevrolet Aveo: flying spiders, caterpillars and other insects… are not appropriate for this brand. The official message of the advertising is that Chevrolet Aveo is made for fun.


The third example is with Adidas Predator. For its 30 seconds video I didn’t get anything. It was hard to understand what is this advertising all about. In the video participate famous football players…so what…?!


Actually I remember all these advertisings, because of their failure. This practically means that they’ve reached their goal – to be memorable.
Now I know that Coca-Cola, Chevrolet and Adidas exist. But let’s think for a moment, if  big companies, that pay millions for advertising and pr should be promoted this way?! If they were with better content we would also remember and recognize them, but with positive check. This is how we humans run and we also search for the beauty.
Have you asked yourself why some of the advertisings of these same companies are well made and some are really rubbish? Is it acceptable that their team makes a great advertising today and totally ruins the next one? …
Let me know what you think?