Flowing silhouettes on the catwalk at Native Gypsy show

Silhouettes of every shape walked along the catwalk  at the SA VA fashion show last week at 18th and Samson Streets. The show was part of Design Philadelphia where designers  from all walks of life get a chance to show off their wares.   The  fashion show, SA VA Native Gypsy was hosted by Sarah Van Aken,  designer and entrepreneur of SA VA, a boutique at 1700 Samson Street. Van Aken has a keen eye for form, color and texture. Her    designs reflected this as models walked across the catwalk in flowing long sweaters, pencil jeans and leggings  accented by boots and suede boot covers

 The classic line sheath dresses  shown  were accented by fingerless gloves of lace, lace stockings and  boots to the knee. Some had a vintage feel adding different materials  and colors to mix up the classic long. 
Red is Van Aken's signature color and shows up throughout the show in leggings, scarves  and dresses.    Nothing too over the top.

 Any woman could find something to like here and carry it off without being anorexic.
Van Aken  has a philosophy that extends beyond frivolous fashion She believes in effortless style, self-expression and quality. Fashion should be fun, carefree and sensual. Her beliefs shine through her designs are made for the real woman who wants to live life to the fullest.

  Her business philosophy is about being locally made, globally inspired, socially conscious and community based. Van Aken is dedicated to helping others and has created community partnerships with People Emergency Center and The Career Wardrobe (more on that in the next blog).

So what is Van Aken's recipe for a great fashion look.
Two parts sensuality, one part street smart, one part ease and drape one part tailoring and fit, one part daring, evocative details, one part mysterious, a pinch of trend and vintage and a dash of bohemian and drama.  It sounds like a recipe to follow.  Here is her website so you can check out her styles and see for yourself at http://www.savafashion.com/.  Putting Van Aken's ingredients into your wardrobe, you'll  be Styling in Delco.