So what are you going to be on Halloween?

Nakia Jackson of  Sharon Hill is a Halloween Consultant for Goodwill Stores in MacDade Plaza.

For children Halloween is a time to be a princess or a pirate. If you had really clever parents, you might be a tabletop. But for most of us we settled for those store bought costumes. You know the ones made of fake satin and plastic masks with exaggerated faces.As adults getting that invite on Facebook for the Halloween event of the year has us feeling anxious. What are we going to be? We want to look good, be clever, make a statement and be comfortable. We don't want to spend lots of money.
So one of the best ways to do this is to go to local thrift shops in the area. Goodwill has lots of clothes to choose from and Halloween consultants to help you out.
"You can put anything together here and we have consultants to help you.  Halloween is our Christmas. It's a fun time of year.  Whatever you need to buy is here," said Maria Rankin, store manager at the store in MacDade Plaza.
Rankin has some neat ideas to make your costume an adventure.
From Fairy to Snookie to Frankenstein to Dexter; here are her ideas and how to make them happen.
Rosie the Riveter
Blue denim shirt, polka dot hair scarf and rolled up jeans
Geisha Silk robe, black flats, black wig, chopsticks for hair, parasol, white foundation, black eyeliner and red lipstick.
Voodoo DollTan dress, black tights, red shoes, sew a large red heart on chest, use wire and yellow foam balls to make pins.
Black pants, black and white striped pants, bowler hat, suspenders and a pair of white gloves.
Rosemary Woodhouse in Rosemary's Baby
Blue nightgown, blond short wig, long kitchen Knife and walk around the party saying no it can't be.
FrankensteinBlack suit, green foundation and neck bolts.
Snookie from Jersey Shore
Short black dress, big teased wig, black high heels and big jewelry.
Flannel shirt, sunglasses, jeans and khaki vest.
Yellow raincoat, yellow rain boots, blue tights, brown messenger bag and blue wig.
Think the Blood Cafe Girls, 50's inspired hair, white jacket and white shirt, fangs. carry a coffee cup with red paint or dye in it.
Luca Libre WrestlersA singlet( wrestling outfit), make a cardboard champion belt and a mask.

Whether you choose to be Spooky or Snookie remember fashion is spinning these ideas and making them your own. That's how  to keep Styling in Delco..... Happy Halloween.