Bohol Countryside Tour

On our second day in Bohol, we did the countryside tour. We went to 12 tourist spots that began at 09:00 am and we were able to go back to our resort at 07:00 pm.

First stop - The Blood Compact Site
Historians later found out that this was not the actual site. We were able to go to the actual Blood Compact site (see photo below)

Baclayon Church
Baclayon Church is the second oldest church in the Philippines

the inside of the church
Prony the Phyton
claimed to be the longest and heaviest python in captivity

known locally as the Maumag

Loboc River Curise
because it rained the whole night, the floating resto was just docked, but still food was good :)

Bilar Man Made Forest
our driver, Kuya Dennis, shared that back then, they can't graduate from high school without planting a tree

Butterfly Farm
photo taken by daddy :)

Chocolate Hills
the view was amazing!

 Hanging Bridge

 Actual Blood Compact Site

Hinagdanan Cave
Our guide was very good with the camera settings :)
 Bohol Bee Farm
love love love their malunggay ice cream!!

It was a tiring day but very, very rewarding! We were overjoyed to see these wonderful places.

we enjoyed the beach on oujr third day